new here...some bag questions

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  1. hello!

    i am getting ready to make my big spring purchase... a purse of course! i am wanting a metallic bag i can carry in my hand or in the crook of my arm and if needed i could throw on my shoulder ( i have a one year old and sometimes too many things to carry:smile:). any thoughts?

    soooo i was searching online and came across this board.. :nuts:

    i am thinking about the silverado satchel in gold (it is off the bergdorf site they said it is discontinued???). i am VERY fickle about handbags and just sold a louis babylone on ebay so i could have some $ toward this next purchase. but do you all think that silverado is too trendy? if not those if you that have them tell me about it, do you like it? the way it feels? i read one of your posts that the paddington was heavy and a bit awkward to carry....

    ohhh i could go on and on... is a chloe bag a wise choice? the metallic dr bag is here at neimans... but it is hard to get on my shoulder.

    what is a girl to do? :worried:
  2. You might like the Marc Jacobs multi-pocket bag in silver. This bag was done for last year's resort season and sold out in a flash. They brought it back this year and the silver and gold are both available on eluxury for $895, with a free silver pouch with purchase. I own this bag and have received tons of compliments on it--the color is the perfect metallic--not overly glitzy. Plus the bag is very functional and has held up remarkably well. Photo is from

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  3. THANKS for replying... i do like this bag! i too dont want something too shiny... i like a dull metallic! i will look into this one... :smile:
  4. I'm a mommy too, so I fully understand your dilemma. After 3 years of carrying assorted diaper bags, pushing assorted strollers and toting my good ole' messenger style handbag (might as well be a belly bag), I finally can dust off all my designer handbags. I love the Chloe Line but, it just seems to be not practical enough. For metallic, you should look into the MJacobs line.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. i wanna cry... i kept the gold silverado satchel and hobo in my favorites the satchel GONE but then to my surprise reappeared today to only be gone 5 min later. do you all like the hobo? that is a preorder ...
  7. I've had that bag that's pictured for over a year. It's a GREAT purse. The metal is not too shiny. It's more pewter than silver to me and it has a very pretty blue suede lining. The only downside to keep in mind about metallic bags is that almost all will eventually flake a little... On my MJ, the shoulder strap portion that hits my shoulder is now gray rather than silver/pewter from the friction. There's nothing that can really be done to prevent it since the metallic is apparently a coating or spray. You can have it refinished by an expert leather craftsman, but I've been told it can be pricey.

    I've seen the metallic gunmetal/pewter Chloe Silverado and it's beautiful. And I'm not a Chloe fan per se. It's a nice metallic... If you want to order one, I know that it was available at Nordstrom in Fashion Valley, San Diego. Their number is 619.295.4441. I think for $8.95 they can ship it out to you--assuming you're in the US. And you'd be able to return the purse to any Nordstrom near you...
  8. Oh--if you want a bigger purse since you're a mommy--see if the MJ Blake comes in silver/pewter. I have that purse too, but in a different color. It's a great purse with quite a bit of room. There are two zipper sections and in between is a center section that snaps closed, but you can fit quite a bit in there... The Blake is the 3rd purse that's posted by pursemama
  9. what about the mini paddington in silver in netaporter?
  10. okay i feel as though i am talking to myself but that is okay it is helping anyway... i think my search is over! have any of you seen the new marc jacobs 2006 collection on the josph. in love.... i think i found my match! :smile: