New Here - So Hello - And a Question

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  1. I just stumbled upon tPF, and am completely addicted!!! I have some friends that are nearly as addicted to bags as me -- but I think everyone on here has the fever just as strongly as I do!!! :tup:

    I have seen very quickly that you are all the Chloe / Paddy experts -- so...could you help me correctly identify the color of my Paddington?

    I bought him in early 2006 (I know a lot of tPF'ers use "her" but I think my paddy is a "he") at the NYC store after falling in love with the size, shape...well you all know. I have looked through a lot of the reference postings, esp. the one with all the swatches...but I am not 100% sure.

    Am going to try and put my picture up (it's the bag in my avatar).

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  2. what a nice chloe.
    i know they made a non metallic anthracite???:shrugs:
  3. ^ Yup, looks like anthracite to me... there's a bit too much blue for it to be noir.
  4. Welcome to Chloe and TPF....

    It either looks like Navy or anthracite!
  5. Thanks everyone!!!

    So...I dug around in my "fancy purse receipt" file and found all my documents from when I first bought him (April 10, 2006, what a great day)...and the label and receipt say "Coal" - DUH I didn't even think to look there!

  6. Hmmm... Coal? Does it have the french colour description on the receipt? It might say "charbon" (although I haven't ever seen this description LOL) or there's another Chloe colour that may fit but I just cannot remember it at the moment! D'Oh!

    So you have the hangtag?
  7. i_wona -- ok that is weird, was Coal only available for a certain time or something??

    Here's a copy of my receipt / bag tag (I take pics of all my receipts for insurance purposes)...what do you all think?


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  8. A lot of time the tags give a color description in french. What she means is that coal - may translate into french as another name that we may be more familiar with. Sounds as if you bag is a smokey grey/black - it's hard to pinpoint some colors from photos alone - and to be honest - from your pic I was thinking it was navy.

    Very pretty regardless of color!
  9. Welcome to the forum!!:upsidedown:
  10. Whatever color your Paddy is, he is beautiful, or should I say handsome? Hmmm.... definitely beautiful!!!
  11. Thanks all for the feedback (and compliments :drool:)!!!!
  12. coal? i spose thats like anthracite!
    its a lovely colour anyway!
  13. Looks like a non-metallic anthracite to me! Congrats on a beautiful paddy.
  14. Coal? Anthracite? Navy? I'm not sure :shrugs:

    Either way -- he's GORGEOUS :tup::heart:
  15. Oooh - he's a hottie! And I vote for "anthracite"/coal. Welcome aboard to Chloe craziness!