New Here: Should I get Kooba or Elisa Atheniense?

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm very new to the bag scene (I love denim though :smile:) and I have really nothing to speak of (three Coach bags, and 1 Juicy Couture) right now, but looking to get a more sophisticated bag.

    Can anyone give me their opinions on these? I have some credit with Revolve and the 30% new customer still (I returned jacket I just bought because it was too big, outside of the 3 day limit for sale items) so I'm looking at what they have on sale right now.

    Elisa Atheniense


    I have the light colored Elisa put on hold, because I loved how it looked on the site, but it looks pretty awful elsewhere after I did additional research. Maybe it's just how they stuffed the bag, but whatever it is, the shape looks horrid:


    Should I still give it a try? Or call Revolve and ask for a Kooba bag instead? I love the shape of the white Kooba bag, but the color of the "butter" bag more. Plus I have heard nothing but good things about the leather of Kooba bags here. Any advice, or maybe other suggestions under the $350 mark? I want a simple but sophisticated bag for everyday use, and nothing with logos. And it has to be big, because I always carry too much stuff with me :smile: (Bonus if it can fit my powerbook!) Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. I love the light color elisa, but I have to tell you, I have 2 Kooba bags and I adore them! I started off with an ivory sienna for last summer and I fell in love. I moved onto a raisin paige for the fall and everywhere I go, I get complimented on the bag. But I have to tell you, I've never seen any under 350- although you did mention you have a credit and 30 percent off. I say go Kooba, check out some of the newer colors and styles that are out for this spring. The styles you posted are not the newest and I've seen them on clearance on eluxury already. But definitely go Kooba, you'll be addicted!
  3. whatever that last bag is, i love the color and shape... I dislike the Kooba with the braided details.. i think they're a bit tired... but that's JMO.
  4. The Kooba Carla is a big bag in my opinion...I tried it and decided to let it go. And I'm 5'5". Since the leather is very substantial, the Carla bag in white just looked like a big chunk of cheese on me. :push: And I read from this forum that light-color kooba bags tend to stain and age very fast. So, be careful when you look at those colors.
  5. Thanks to everyone who has replied thus far, although the opinion is pretty split ;) I like the look of heavier leather, but it's true that I'll probably get any light-colored bag stained pretty quicky because I'm always running around and dropping stuff :sad:

    I thought the shape of the Elisa looked really bad in the last pic... It's really cute and slouchy when it's not stuffed. I'm just wondering what it would look like with it half filled.
  6. I have a Kooba Nisha which I absolutely love-it's the perfect size, but I like the leather on it much more than on the two Koobas you have posted in the pics. I saw them at Saks Off Fifth and you can get them there with the 30% coupon for under $250-I just thought the leather wasn't very soft, and it was too heavy. Don't know if you're near any Saks outlets, but check it out!
  7. I don't think that you can go wrong with Kooba. I have the Kooba Sienna in Moss and I love it. It's soft, and roomy and great quality.
  8. Oh boy, I LOVE Kooba, though don't own one YET. I love the Sienna style so much.

    I agree with the other poster who said the braided thingon the Kooba photos you posted is a bit tired. I have seen melie bianco do that to death at least where I live (Santa Cruz, CA). There are copies of that bag all over the street it seems.

    Are they the only Koobas on sale that you like? if so, maybe this time the Atheniense....

    Good luck!
  9. I'm going to disagree with those about the braided feature. I have the Kooba ginger in butter (the color of the 2nd bag) and love it. I think the braided detail is enough to make it interesting but isn't very ostentatious. I can't say enough about the leather of the bag (very soft and gets better with use!). Of course, ultimately it comes down to how comfortable you feel carrying each bag.
  10. Looks-wise, I like the Elisa better.
  11. I vote for Elisa.
  12. The light Elisa (the Amsterdam) doesn't carry well. I returned it a while ago in another color. When it's not stuffed full of tissue paper, the weight of your contents (wallet, makeup bag etc) pulls the bag down from the center and the bag folds in such way that those cool looking front diagonal zippers get hidden by the bag folding in on itself. And it has wrap around straps that you can cinch up but when the bag is only partially full, they can kind of hang limply away from the bag. It's such a cool bag that falls apart functionally. When you look at the pics on Shopbop for the same bag, it almost looks like they couldn't find a good way to pose the model with it.

    The other two Elisa bags (the vertical zip style) are much more functional but very large. Also, the top is open except for a one magnet closure if security bugs you. There are pics here and there if you google that style and you can see how big it is relative to the models.

    I'm a real Elisa fan--I have some of her other bags and really love the stripey leather that is pictured in the top mushroomy (Elisa calls it aluminum) bag and the black bag.

    Hope that helps!
  13. Wow those Elisa bags are really interesting. Definitely on the Elisa side. Kooba is too hit or miss with me.

  14. Thank you SO much, you don't know how helpful you've been! I am so torn now, when I saw the first EA bag I thought, "THIS IS THE ONE!" but I was then dissapointed in the way it looked carried on other websites.

    It's the one that's coming to me first because I had to send something back and so I'll probably get it before the end of the week. However, I have a feeling that I'm going to end up returning, just for the reasons you described - everything falling to the bottom of the bag is something that would really bother me.

    Is there anything you can tell me about the quality of her bags?

    I think the Kooba bags are out for good, even though I really DO like how the Carla (larger one) looks carried. Super cute. But from searches I've read that the light colored Koobas transfer color too easily and I know I'll get denim stains on it in a week.

    Finding the 'perfect' bag is so hard. It's very difficult to find a bag that's large, easy to use/functional, of good quaility, repels stains/waterproof, and looks simple and cute (and not too 'trendy') as well! All for a reasonable price ;)
  15. True Religion, did you get your Atheniense bag yet? If so, what do you think? I love the quality of her bags. The leather she uses is very nice--lightweight but durable. And she has multiple organization pockets inside her bags that vary in size so you can keep a tiny cellphone and a larger treo tucked safely on the sides. I really appreciate when a handbag designer thinks about how her customers are going to use her bags.

    It was the Amsterdam style that sagged oddly. I have a different Atheniense bag shown in the pics below (but without the rings).




    It has the internal pockets I mentioned that her bags have and the main handbag is made of 3 separate compartments. The pictures don't do justice to the leather. Overall the bag is lightweight, has great leather, is well organized and people ask me where I got it when I wear it. One of my favorite handbags!!