New here... Questions... Ordering from Japan Site

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  1. Hi All

    I'm relatively new here ... (haven't had the guts to start a thread) and I've learned a lot wicked quick but I'm looking for some help regarding the ordering process from the Japan site... In one of the threads ( updated) I saw this awesome bag and charms:heart:


    And I found the style # is 41245, I also found the scarf which I believe is #98307, a strawberry charm #92256 and dice charm #92221 - I can't tell though. But they both seem to only appear on the Japanesse website. How would I go about ordering this? (I'm in the States) Calling JAX w/the style numbers and be waitlisted untill it comes out? Thank you in advance for your help!! :tup: Sorry if I'm asking a stupid question ...
  2. it's a no go on ordering the dice charm through JAX. That came out in September here and was sold out before it even hit the stores.

    For the others, just call JAX and give the item number and they'll tell you if they can order it.
  3. Unfortunatly, no one can order from the Japan site at all.. I called JAX about this not long ago and the SA advised that even people in Japan cant order from it. She said that they have to locate a boutique and the boutique ships it to the customer... and they wont ship outside of Japan...

    Bummer, huh!?!
  4. i want that stupid rainbow charm. grrrr.
  5. Ohh, I love those dice! I guess it's no dice. :shrugs:
  6. I called JAX and tried to order the Rainbow Charm, Dice and Strawberry. They said that the Rainbow and the Dice are sold out and will not get them back in. I am on backorder for the Strawberry which they say is schedule for April 15th. (it was pushed back from March 5th)
  7. Some things on the Japanese website ARE available to order, and are not listed on the US website. In order to know which things are available, you have to call JAX and ask. The Heritage Stripe round coin purses were only listed on the Japanese site, but if you called JAX with the item number you could order them, and I know that is the case with some other things, too.

    Give it a try; the worst that can happen is they can tell you it is unavailable!
  8. Are you serious about the rainbow charm?! THAT STINKS! I wanted it so bad! Did anyone in the U.S. even get to order it at all?

    Also, I LOVE that first bag that the OP posted!
  9. I'm new so maybe I will sound a little slow but what does JAX stand for???? I'm dying for the strawberry and trying to find a way to order it : )))
  10. JAX is Coach's warehouse located in Jacksonville, FL. AS for the strawberry charm, I wouldn't even try to order it through JAX because I too am on backorder for it and the SAs are now saying that most likely, the backordered orders will be cancelled.
  11. There is one of those dice charms on ebay.

  12. Thank you so much : )))) Now I can continue to stare at all your beautiful charms and key fobs - my poor boyfriend doesn't want to see them anymore!!!!! Lucky you to have so many!!!! :smile: Good luck getting the ones you have backordered!!!!