New here. Question about

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  1. I placed an order for my first Bbag, Pebble city on 1 week ago, price was $1295. I waited a few days, no shipping confirmation email so I called and was told that the bag is out of stock and my order would be cancelled. Disappointed, but ok. I just went back to the site and the same bag is listed as available but now price is $1395! Just wondering if my order was 'cancelled' because I paid the lower price. Anybody had this experience?

  2. Someone posted a thread about this under the shopping sub-forum. Her order actual went through and was processed for the $1295 price before Bal adjusted the prices. Maybe your order was taken during the price adjustments and the computer canceled the order? I'm not sure??? If you still want the bag for $1395, and the site is showing it available, I would try placing the order again.
  3. I'm not 100% sure. But there might have been a glitch on their side because a CITY usually cost $1395. :thinking:
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    I bought a work for $1495..(should be $1595) and my order is showing as "Processed" but I have not heard anything from no emails or anything yet and I placed this order two nights ago.

    The next morning after I placed the order I realized the price was off by $100.. still waiting to find out what happens. I hope they honor it but somehow I doubt they will. :rolleyes:
  5. I am pretty sure my order will go through because the status now says shipped! Yippee!
  6. I re-placed my order and now just waiting to see what happens.
  7. wow~that's lucky:yahoo:
  8. It is already out for delivery.. woot! This stuff never happens to me so I definitely feel lucky..