New Here!Plus getting my first LV tmorrow!!!!

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  1. Hey everybody !
    Im new here,and my name is Alicia,I have a addiction to Louis Vuitton...i dont do drugs,& i rarely drink alchool...but when i see Vuitton...dont get me started.They tried to make me go to rehab,I said no no no:whistle::jammin: Lol.

    Anyways tmorrow im buying my very first LV from the Montreal store.
    Im not gonna say what i will buy but i can only say it's monogram and its not a speedy.I want to start my collection slow,its something very practical & i can use it everywear.Its a must have for every LV fanatic.

    I will post the pics tommorow ! :smile:
    So exited and i must say,this site is awsome....everybody's collection is amazing!!

  2. welcome to tpf! how exciting, your first LV!!!! hope you have fun at the boutique :smile:
  3. Wooohoooooo....welcome to the Purse Forum...and of course congrats on your first LV! How exciting!!!

    Please be sure to come back here and tell us all about it!!!!!!!
  4. Hi Alicia, welcome! Have fun tomorrow at LV.

    Can't wait to see what you got!
  5. Welcome to TPF, Alicia!:flowers:
  6. Welcome to the purse forum.
  7. Welcome! This place is really fun, it is also addicting! I'm sure you will have tons of fun at the boutique tomorrow so be sure to post what you bought! We love to look!
  8. Welcome to the Purse Forum. I just purchased my first LV bag a few days ago. Enjoy your LV shopping experience.

  9. How nice!:P
    What did u get?
  10. I bought a Popincourt Haut and a Monogram Canvas Zipped Compact Wallet.

  11. Hi.. Welcome :smile: I am LV addicted too, and proud of it :P

  12. Nice :nuts: Congrats :nuts:
  13. oh fun fun fun. it will be a wonderful experience. cherish it! seriously. hehehe. we'll be here playing the guessing game while you go off and make your purchase. glad it's something practical that you could probably use on a day to day basis. nice decision on your first LV
  14. Hi, Alicia! Welcome to tPF and LV! Don't worry, I think that we are all addicted to LV! Have fun at the boutique tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing what you get!
  15. Welcome!!!!

    My guesses on what you might get:
    -Popincourt Huat
    -Batignolles Horizontal