New Here/Mirrior Speedy

  1. Hi Hi everyone. I signed up here quite some time ago, just havent posted yet! Well, i went to LV yesterday to pick up my boyfriends new sunglasses [the conspiration aree gm glasses] and i my sa put my name down for the mirrior speedy! im super excited! she told me i would be recieving it around october/ early november, but i read on here more towards december? oh well. im just excited! i meant to ask about the keepall, but forgot since the book only showed it in the speedy & the papillon. So yeah, hello everyone! and so this isnt text only, ill throw in a picture of me and my speedy 35, and ill do a collection post later!
  2. Hello and WELCOME!!!!:flowers: Cannot see the pic though:sad: Ooops sorry see it now-my PC's a bit slow...Cool!
  3. First off... I :heart: ur hair... I just put blue back in my hair... :biggrin:
  4. I like The Speedy 35! Very nice!

    Yeah speaking of this Mirroir line - I hope I'm not repeating this over and over but yeah FYI the sizes are a Speedy 34...and of course Papillon 26... :smile:

    I found myself explaining this size to customers, cause they were thinking it would be like Speedy 30...but its really a 34...(I caught my manager giving wrong info, and yeah I didn't say anything...HAHA, cause its like HI the size is mentioned in the look book! LOL).
  5. yeah. my sa didnt call it a '34', she thought it was a 30 since all limited editions come in a 30, but when going over the dimensions, she realized it was larger than a 30, yet smaller than a 35. which thrilled me, since a 35 is just big enough to fit my stuff and extra and a 30 is just too small for everything, so a 34 will fit me PERFECT! im hoping the price doesnt go up when it comes out though [seems like everytime i pre-order something, i never end up paying the price i was quoted!]
  6. Oh! haha... yeah I'm glad your SA didn't tell you it was a 30... (like my manager told one of my good customers... ugh, but I'll call my customer later on that when the bag comes... haha.)

    Yeah in the look book it does say 34 like right next to the dimensions of the Speedy.

    I'm glad its a good size, and you know I sell The Speedy 35 in monogram here and there...and it looks great, I'm glad it still looks like a purse!

    I hope the price stays the same too! We'll see! I hope you get The Speedy (34) haha... what color? Gold or Silver? I kinda feel the silver color will sell more...

    What do you guys think? Silver or Gold?
  7. totally silver! i almost died when i saw the silver lock on one of the carryall's! [the black one, taiga i believe?] i dont do gold much, so the silver is for me! do you have any word on the keepall? and OMG! the gold clutch, the 24k gold, i think it was like 18thousand or something like that?! it was amazing, but wow!
  8. Totally gold... like my grill... lol.
  9. Oh you mean The Kendall from Taiga! I know it is hot! I always get turned on when someone buys one! HAHA, its a great sale selling one of those Taiga bags! haha. Yeah the silver lock, I took some home! haha (sssh) - I'm all OOO BRUSHED PALLADIUM... haha.

    Yeah that gold bar clutch is hot! Yeah its $210,000.00 - and of course 50% deposit for it! (I'm so curious as to who will buy it.)

    Speaking of a good sale (ugh, haha I guess I'm happy for them...)

    Yeah the other day LV-South Coast sold half a million in jewelry to this couple.... we believe some new associate sold it to them (a female... I forgot her name.)

  10. I want a grill in gold! hehe, thats hot biitch...hehe...
  11. the SF LV did like i want to say nearly $250,000 im jewelry to this guy while i was there. i was amazed.
  12. Let's get it together when I arrive at LAX next weekend... ;)

    $50K? Holy be-geezy!!!! :wtf: All I heard outta that was "someone's getting a promotion soon..." :roflmfao:
  13. LV jewelry is so overpriced. uhh. if I'm going to drop serious $$ I'd rather buy from a real jewelry company, not a fashion house.
  14. I am sooo with you on that!

    If I'm going to drop that kind of money, I'd get TRUNKS AND TRUNKS AND TRUNKS! haha... not jewelry! I can barely stand LV'S clothing line... (just the shoes are hot of course) haha.
  15. IS THE MIROIR SPEEDY the azure line? Can someone please describe it to me?