new here, love chanel!

  1. Hello all.

    I finally was called from being on the waiting list for the new Coco patent leather tote, I go into Neimans to pick it up and it's AWFUL! It looks like a giant trash bag!

    So my new Chanel is not a simple Caviar small tote. Plain.... but very classic.

    Did anyone else find the new patent leather creation as hideous as I did? 995 for something that will not last and be SOOOO out next year.
  2. LOL! You'll probably offend about 1/2 of the forum w/ your first post! LMBO!
    We're all kind of split, a lot of people here ADORE this bag and others don't care for it.
    Look though some of the threads, I couldn't wear this bag but it looks SO hot on the gals here that have posted pics.
  3. Hello and welcome. Please don't take this the wrong way as I don't mean any offense, but I think the discussion flows easier here when the topic is "who likes..." or "what do you think of..." instead of "who thinks blahblah is hideous?". We all have different tastes and we express our opinions freely, but also with sensitivity about our differences. It's easier for all to jump into the discussion if the topic has a positive or neutral spin.
  4. it's weird in some pics the vinyl looks amazing , and in others ... uh , not .

    I still would've bought it if I were you though . i did a search on feebay today on completed auctions because I was looking for info on a particular bag ...And , OMG people are snatching up the vinyl Coco . Most were BIN for 1500 , but some were BIN for 2000 . That is alot of extra money to buy something fun with !
  5. Yeah but I don't believe doing stuff like that. It's just not my way. Coco is one of my idols and I just would feel silly. :smile: NM said it was flying off the shelves but I also haven't seen anyone with one around. It's just too huge. I had no idea it would be that big! and too flimsy.

    I do LOVE LOVE LOVE my caviar tote. No it's not trendy, but if I'm spending 1650 on a bag, it better be something that will be a staple forever. To me that's better than 995 that will stick around a season or two.