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  1. Hello, everyone! In case no one has read my "introductory post", I'm putting a link here:

    Please read so you know my primary intention for being here. I'm in "Self Learned Authenticity Training 102" (I think I've graduated from 101 lol), and want the opinions of others to make sure that I'm good enough to go on eBay in 1-2 weeks. If you read my link above, you'll know that I've spent literally months educating myself about authenticity as I DO NOT want to sell a phony handbag, and will in fact be offering 2-3 time the money back on handbags that can't be authenticated (which I cannot afford), which is why I spend at least 7-8 hours a day on just the subject of authenticity. As explained in the link above, I ordered what I felt was a fake Fendi Spy Bag, to make sure that I was on target. I got it today, and I feel that it is a fake. Can anyone agree or disagree with my findings? Links to listing and pics of handbag are here:
  2. Welcome.

    Yeah, it's definitely a fake spy bag. Fendi never made a Spy bag of that design, so it's a dead giveaway. If you want a pictorial guide for colors/styles of Fendi spy bags through S/S 06, a good friend of mine put together an awesome website that I cannot recommend enough:
    Fendi Spy Bag List

    However, I don't really understand why you bought a fake spy bag. Wouldn't it support your research better to buy a guaranteed authentic spy bag from an authorized retailer such as FENDI, Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc?

    I read your other post, and have to say that while many of us dream of having access to a super special, super secret "wholesaler", all of these have turned out to be fake handbag suppliers. In fact, there was a BIG debacle on the purse forum during it's inception over a website run by a woman named Linda that purported she had a super secret Italian "wholesaler" who could sell authentic Fendi spies and Chloe paddingtons for less than retail. Those bags also turned out to be obvious fakes (Vlad and Megs, the owners of the Purse Forum, can back me up on this one). So I would be really, really careful. I wouldn't want you or anyone else to get hurt.
  3. Fendi does not distribute to wholesalers at all. The only way wholesalers have Fendi bags is if someone like Neiman Marcus (not saks and bloomies) sells it to a wholesaler. Or if a private fendi store does it (ex: Fendi in Bahamas).
  4. Well, to answer your question... I went through many extremes to establish a completely legit corporation (which takes a LOT of time and aggravation). While scouring the internet and trade periodicals, I still did not find what I was looking for as far as undisputed suppliers of authentic handbags since I wanted nothing that had "China" attached to it. Then I happened to find out the location of the "genuine" Prada outlet in Italy which no one who doesn't know the exact location can seem to find- and planned a trip there. In the interim, I found a Fendi supplier with references (both unofficial and official), and checked them out completely. They are definitely legit. But let me tell you, you will never find them on the internet. Purchase miniumums are horrendous, and they let you know up front that if you don't have a US certifiable tax id# with a reseller permit ID, you will be denied. They send their orders in with brick and mortar boutiques in Italy, which is how they are able to secure merchandise. To clarify, this is not buying direct from the manufacturer. In order to do that, you would need a "physical boutique" which I do not have. I've done my research. Why didn't I buy a legit bag? 1) I was able to visit many boutiques and stores to completely analyze and examine bags for free and 2) I am a mother of 5, in college with no money. I don't have a trust fund or super paying job that allows me to just wake up and go to Saks and spend $2,000-4,000 on a handbag. At least one of my 5 kids has to eat, lol :smile: However, I pride myself on taking the initiative to do as much research as I have when I could've sold handbags on Ebay months ago; I have always been an honest person and want to further that onto my Ebay experience. I had no problem with authenticating real handbags, I wanted to learn how to dis-authenticate the fake ones :smile:
  5. I am sorry I cannot accept that you can get these designers from any wholesalers. There are outlet stores in Florence & just across the Swiss border with Italy but you don't find current season styles in them more like unmade samples I believe I havent been there so I think you should be really careful of this supplier. There is no way that Fendi, Prada or any other designer would allow someone to do this.
  6. I respect your opinion wholeheartedly. That's fine. Like I said, I've been online and in the boutiques to the point that I'm about to fall out. I've done the research so much that Fendi, Gucci, Balenciaga...etc... appear in my dreams. When I'm ready to sell, I'll stand behind my guarantee 2 times over. And we all know Ebay & Paypal doesn't take anything lightly. Either I will refund the seller or I will be ousted. I am condident.
  7. what "help" are you looking for from us, then?
  8. I am looking for help to veryify that what I feel is fake is actually fake. Everyone, I am not looking to make enemies here or I wouldn't be on this forum. So, I am a little confused here at the moment. I am here to make sure that what I propose to sell is completely legitimate. Boy, did I never expect this... Once again, if I wasn't concerned about what I potentially want to sell, I wouldn't be here. But, I guess my husband was right about this one. I've done all this research because I don't want to deceive anyone and I want to be knowledgeable about the items that I'm selling to my consumers. I didn't know it was a crime to care...
  9. Just because the link you posted shows a fake, doesn't mean these others are real, so I don't understand what it proves. I'm not trying to accuse you of a "crime," but you are basically ignoring everything everyone else is saying here in regard to the fact that there seems to be no way that this wholesaler you have is legit. Until you post pics of a bag from this wholesaler, we can't do anything to help you determine whether that bag is authentic.
  10. glitzy,
    we're definitely not trying to attack you! Please don't misinterpret my post. I'm trying to help! However, what litigatrix posted is correct - there are a million different types of fakes, all with a million different things wrong with them. You've just correctly identified one fake bag (which I've pointed out is an obvious fake). That doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be able to authenticate Fendi spies bags. So we're trying to help you cover your back. It's possible that your wholesaler is selling superfakes (i.e., fakes that are very hard to tell from the real McCoy), and not obvious fakes like the one you linked to one