New here...kindly asking for advice


Nov 12, 2007
Hello everyone:smile:
I've been lurking around for a while, and I love this forum! So I thought it'd be time to introduce myself. My love for chanel started a few years ago and up to this christmas I had 4 bags(pic 1). With the help of this forum and wonderful members I managed to get the bag I wanted so bad - the Bubble Quilt Bowler. I ordered it through NM catalog online. I received the bag right before christmas and was a bit dissapointed. The bag came in NM gift box, no original chanel box and the tag was nowhere to be found. The bag itself looks brand new, but the missing tags...Does that mean it was a return or something? I'd probably wouldn't fuss so much but the color of the bag, that "dark beige"...what do u girls think about it? Well, I think the company shouldn't be allowed to call it "beige". Anyway, so here I am with the bag of my dreams in a really dissapointing color. What should I do? Return it and forget about it(it's sold out and i can't get any other color) or keep it and hope that the "love will come with time":confused1:?Thanks for listening and hope to hear your opinion.


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May 1, 2006
Well, looking at your other gorgeous bags, the beige does work beautifully with them, but if you are disappointed by the colour, you should return it.

Was your bag on sale? that is often a reason why the box or tags are missing, and it depends on what the discount was really. As long as you have the authenticity card that is not so much of a problem, as you could just keep your receipt.

There are so many great new bags coming out and already available that it does seem a shame to just settle for a bag, when you have enough lovely ones to keep you going ;)
Feb 12, 2007
Welcome! I am fairly new here also but I just love it.

I have read other posts about people receiving purses from NMs, Saks etc (not Chanel boutiques) that have items left in them. Just as if someone had used the bag for a night and then returned it.

As for the color, I love it. Personally, I am always afraid the lighter beige will get dirty. Having said that, if you don't love it, return it!

Your collection is TDF!

Hope this helps somewhat.
Jun 23, 2007
I saw a bag at NM yesterday and it looked like a metallic bronze to me. The label on the box said "brown". I have come to the conclusion that Chanel just doesn't put a lot of effort in descriptions of their products on the box labels. For example, a Cerf is "large tote" so is a GST, etc. I love the color of your new bag. Don't get worked up over the description, but I do think there should be tags. I don't think NM would accept a return without tags. Did you check every zipper pocket on the bag or the black envelope in the bag for tags?
Use it in good health. A happy and Chanel-filled holiday and new year to you!!


Nov 12, 2007
Thanks everyone for the kind responses. The bag was not on sale. It was $2575+$231.75tax=$2,806.75 total. I got free shipping though. I did contact NM about the bag being without tags and they admitted it's possible it was a return:tdown:Then I asked if i could exchange it but the response was "we're sold out and this particular bag is discontinued". I was offered to bring it back for a refund. Well, I still have plenty of time to think about it.
Here's a picture of what it came with, nothing more or less. Back to the color of the bag...I'd love it to be dark beige but it has a strong greenish hue to it. That's what really bugging me:sad:
Thank you all!


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C'est Magnifique!
Sep 18, 2007
i think the bag is perfectly fine, it is so HTF now. i would keep it if i were you. it's a variation from what you already have. but then again, you should only keep what you really like and use, given the amount of moola stashed on these bags!


So many handbags so little money
Aug 25, 2007
It really is a nice bag...but if it doesn't make your heart sing....return it....and continue your search until you find something you really love...Good luck with your bag search...


I think your bag is lovely and if they are sold out, they are obviously seen as coveted. I have a bubble quilt flap in jersey which is gorgeous but I havent used it yet (!) Will NM not send you a chanel box? I would insist that they do! If you decided to keep it then resell it at any time, I think the box would be handy to have....Best wishes for whatever you decide to do. PS - All your bags are lovely!!


Aug 29, 2007
You have a great selection of bags, and the bubble quilt is so cute too. You have the authenticity card, so as long as that matches the number inside the bag, that's good. I had a bag shipped to me from NM that was missing EVERYTHING! I returned it. I hate to buy from the sept stores, but sometimes we have no choice.

If you are not loving the color, or the style, send it back. Don't keep what you don't love. It will end up sitting there not getting used.


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Nov 2, 2007
i honestly think that if you feel disappointed you shouldnt keep it theres alot of many other options outthere dat can be taken for that price you payed.. just because its the style that you like but you think the color dont fullfill you i think you should go for an exchange for the price you pay ... you can get alot of other choices outthere but thats just my opinion and also its not a good feeling waiting for love 2 come 2 the bag .. or is it you love it or you dont .. maybe you can get sum love later but in a minimun love i think.. so rethink it or maybe look for other options and you still feel other option wont fullfilled you either then get this but if you see other option its for you and u dont hve doubts i suggest you return it:shame::idea:..

well HTH and Enjoy Your Holidays!! :flowers:


Dec 28, 2006
It looks like it came with just about ever tag but the price tag so that wouldn't bother me a bit. I'd want the authenticity card, hologram and the care book more than anything personally.

That said, if you don't love it, return it. IMHO, nearly $3000 is too much money to be iffy about.