New here! Just starting out my collection!

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  1. I know i've skimmed over this website before when I'd google specific things, and now that I've started my coach collection I wanted to join!

    Pathetically, none of my items are the most updated, but doin' what I can for my budget!!

    **Also looking for a Black/Red Tartan glam from this past Christmas. I fell in love with it, the sales girl at Nordstroms talked me out of it (Arg!!! She told me "the glitter on the straps will get all over your clothes" so I wandered off with a poppy tote) and now I just CAN'T bring myself to pay more than the $198 it was in stores for (Hello ebayers selling for $215+)**

    My beginning collection is!:

    Poppy Glam Op Art
    Signature Bleeker Duffle
    **Newest addition!!!** Ocelot Leopard small wallet!!! Scored it for $49.00 of ebay!!!
    Gramercy small wallet
    Lurex wristlet

    (Thought i'd throw my boots in as well! I know..not the boot forum, but I'm excited!)

    Coach "Jennie" Boots
    Coach "Kayla" Boots--Scored them for $20 off craigslist!

    Not to shabby? Either way, I love my findings! Coach certainly has a beautiful collection. (Oh. And I LOVE the pink sequined spotlight. I could never carry it, but I hope SOMEONE out there over the age of 15 can!!:yahoo:)
  2. Welcome! We would love to see pics when you get a chance.
  3. Welcome! I just joined tPF this month and I love it! Although it does encourage my COACH obsession.... is that a good or bad thing? lol
  4. Welcome!
  5. Welcome! It sounds like you've been able to find some incredible deals!
  6. Congrat's and welcome ...I know what you mean about the Tartan print.I have the wristlet in the Red/Black combo and Love it..So I hope you can find her and get a Great price.:smile:
  7. Welcome! Now you need to post pics!!!:graucho:
  8. Welcome! We're a very picture-friendly community... winkwink hintint LOL

    BTW: This forum in completely enabling.
  9. Welcome, hold on to your wallet, it will be in for LOOOOOONG ride. Oh, and don't forget to post pics of your beautiful collection :smile:
  10. It sounds very well rounded...welcome!!
  11. Welcome! everyone is right.....this forum is very enabling! Enjoy! please post pics of your collection!
  12. Welcome to the forum! We'd love to see pictures of your stuff!
  13. Welcome!! We do love pictures! :smile: You have a great collection!! :smile:
  14. Now I need to go locate my camera card (Haha, which is actually lost in my poppy tote!)

    But first, I wanted to let everyone know, I thought this bag was absolutely beautiful and for $70!?!?!?!

    Really? I called at 8 in the a.m. and someone had already claimed it! I was so bummed
  15. :biggrin:I recently discovered Coach this month. I found 3 bags,though 2 bags are vintage(I also have a red pouch)I really love them. I have a tendancy to move toward vintage. What durable bags, what was I missing here?:noggin:

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