new here! (I'm a guy)

  1. Hi, I've searching for a message board for Gucci lovers and this is the only one I found. I know its for girls but why can't a man post here? I am a man that likes Gucci. My friends all make fun of me and they think I'm gay but anyway here's my Gucci wallet and I have another coming. It just shipped out today! Heres a pick of my old one.
  2. i love the wallet!!
  3. Welcome!!
  4. Welcome!! Gay or straight, what does it matter? You have great taste and have now come to a place where you'll meet new friends that share in that great taste. Nice wallet by the way.
  5. Welcome to the madness!
  6. welcome ....:tup:

    i am a guy too and LOVE GUCCI , prada, LV...that the only 3 brands i love...i collect GUCCI jacket(5 leather, 4 cotton), about a dozen shoes, 1 PRADA and 1 LV bag...:p
  7. im a dude too (straight). i joined cus i like designer stuff and i also joined so i can help my mom get discounts on designer handbags, and not get sucked into fakes, cus that happened before. im glad i found this forum cus now i can learn how to spot a fake so that my mom or myself wont get f'ed up ;) i just bought her the gucci new britt tote for christmas :tup:

  8. Thank you! I'll post a pic of my new one when it comes in!

    It doesn't matter I was just saying that cause I find it funny that some people automatically think someone is gay cause they like a certain thing.

    Thank you. :smile:
  9. :wlae:Welcome! :wlae:

    I love Gucci and men! (Oooops!) Too bad I'm married so I can only collect the former :graucho:.

    Have fun here! Nice wallet!!!!
  10. Welcome, we love meeting new people!! cute wallet... my hubby likes gucci and designer stuff too [well i think i had a part do with that] but he has gucci shoes and LV wallet and a gucci belt. But he has to have his desginer jeans.. [arrrggghhhhh]
  11. A lil over a week or so ago I posted on this forum thinking I would be the first guy ever to post....boy was i wrong.

    I posted to get some help on getting my mum's 60th bday present at gucci during their presale and ever since I've been hooked on this site (b/c of general friendliness of all members and usefulness)

    Anyway I'm kinda surprsied that there are so many guys who come here. I found that the deal and steal section is super useful b/c they tell u about all the presales coming up from Barneys to Saks to bloomies to Neimans. I'm a regular at a couple of stores and get early notices...but I don't shop at all those stores so I found it kinda useful to frequent this site as it seems this place is the earliest in notifying about these exclusive "secret" sales.

    Also U aren't the only guy here let me tell u that..and even if ur friends make fun of me...there is a world of difference on how women view you when u put up some style. ur friends are missing out on a lot if they don't get this.

    Anyway congrats on your purchase! It's a nice looking wallet :tup:
  12. I agree. the deals and steals section is the best! LOL my mom is like, tell me whens the next sale so I can buy a new handbag LOL.
  13. Gpoop. There actually is another site for guys....but's a gathering of fashion maniacs. I thought I knew brands until I started looking at the stuff they were talking about on that site. These are guys who think that brands like "Gucci" are mainstream.

    They are into a lot of foreign (esp. Japanese) and European niche designers...some examples are like Number Nine, Undercoverism, Visvism, Ann Demeulemeester and domestic brands like Corpus, B. Sons,wings and horns..

    Maybe doesn't suit up to your style...but it's definitely worth checking out. I've been trying ot register for a while but they closed it off for now....I guess they feel they are a priveleged class or something ....
  14. Welcome @ tpf :yes:!!
    but be carefull, it's very dangerous for your (nice Gucci) wallet :roflmfao:!
  15. I feel like I need to retouch my lip gloss with all the men in the room.....!! joking joking

    Welcome Gpoop.... we are one big happy gucci family in this forum.
    Some great people with (hemhem) great taste.;)