New here I need to Rant!!!

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  1. Ok so I have tried twice now to sell the same dang item on ebay and both time this crazy person keeps buying it now and ending my auction with no intention on paying for it. Then they go and leave me negative feedback telling me to stop playing games. I have reported them to Ebay but they don't seem very concerend about it. All I want to do is sell this purse I have and it seems like I am paying more in listing fees and final value fees than the profit I would make by selling the stupid thing...I think I will just take it back to Coach for a full refund. I am so tired of dealing with crazy people on ebay... There id is superkoolbaby so hopefully none of you get this crazy person on your auctions.
  2. This is so bizarre. You can add this buyer to your blocked bidder list. You can appeal the FB with ebay because it looks like it was done out of spite. If you can get a full refund on your Coach bag, that seems like the most sensible route.
  3. oh man, definitely take it back to coach if you can get a full refund. if not a refund, then store credit. that would be a lot better than selling it on ebay
  4. Yes I would return it. I would never try to sell on fleabay an item I could return at a store. Just block that bidder and challenge the fees. Good luck.
  5. it so ridiculous... stay away from crazy buyers... lately I see more and more non-paying not-serious buyers / weirdos though...
  6. Yes, hopefully eBay will return the fees. That sounds crazy!
  7. I already added him to my block list and left negative feedback for him. I don't know what his problem is but it really aggrivates me. I took the purse back tonight and got a full refund....I did look around the store some but didn't find anything that I absolutly had to have so I will put the money twards other things.
  8. I had a horrid experience not that long ago after I started reporting all of the spam fake crap sellers email I received when I would list an authentic high end bag. If you have been reporting the junk you receive that may be why this is happening as the spamers get NARUD. The spamers targeted me for over 2 months and got every auction I listed w/ a BIN and no imm. payment required. I still report them but only use immediate checkout for my auctions. I am so sorry for your trouble and hope it gets better soon:flowers:.
  9. Block the bidder (go to ebay "site" and under "selling your item" find block bidder instructions) If they have left neg FB of course contact ebay and tell them what happened and hope they will remove it. Did you file unpaid items on both these transactions?? They will refund your listing fees.
  10. You shouldn't need to pay the final fee since the buyer never paid. You should request your final fee back from eBay.
  11. ah thank goodness you got your money back from coach. if i were you, i would call ebay directly instead of emailing them. that'll get things solved faster and you could tell them everything and hopefully they can fix your feedback score and give you back your final value fees.

    its people like that who tear ebay down. such a shame.
  12. Yeah I have to wait 10 days to file non paying bidder which is crap...I really think they need to change the way they do things on ebay. Especially when you know this person has no intent on paying for anything.
  13. Return the bag and block the crazy!
  14. I'm going to be a little cold here. The item ended on April 3rd and you left negative April 4th, way too fast. Then you relisted the item and the buyer bought it again on Arpril 5th. I'm sure the buyer bought it the second time around because he was mad at you, wich is wrong and yes you can report them to ebay because of this.

    But next time, when you sell an item you have to give 7 days for the buyer to pay, you have to give him/her the opportunity to respond before even deciding to relist unless the buyer makes it clear he have no intentions of paying at all. It sucks that Ebay works this way but that's why we need super duper patience to sell there.

    Oh and if the buyer decides to pay let's say Today, then he can report you as a non performing seller also.
  15. Wow!

    1 day after and you gave them a negative? Why?

    Maybe there's more to the story but?