New here! - I have a question about pce events at Coach

  1. Hello there!
    This is my first time here and I just love it! I'm a huge Coach fan and all your comments are just great - Thanks!

    I have a quick question; I got the new coach catalog for April and the bags are just adorable...I usually get my pce card on the mail every 3-4 months and this time I haven't got anything. I was wondering if any of you already received yours for the spring? I hope they don't leave me out this time...

    The new New ERGO SCARF PRINT HOBO is just too cute to let go!


  2. Welcome to tPF!! :smile:

    There was a thread about this:

    It was knocked down to the 2nd page... hopefully it has some info.. I know people were kicking around dates, but I don't think we ever established whether that was the date they would be mailed out or the date the shopping begins.... Hope this helps!!
  3. Thank you so much!
  4. Hi Martha!

    I am pretty new here too and yes - the ladies here are wonderful. I enjoy the posts and it's just a nice "atmosphere".

    As "bags4Bubbles" mentioned - there is a post somewhere about the PCE - I think it may be sometime in March maybe around St Patrick's Day??? but so far nothing has been offically announced.

    Well welcome here and have fun in the forum. :O)
  5. I have not gotten a card yet and I have not heard/read of anyone else getting one either
  6. trust me, when people start getting their pce cards, you'll KNOW!
  7. what is PCE?
  8. It is a 25% off your next purchase postcard that is good for a few days that they send out to select customers. They send them out to random customers. I believe you have to spend over $250 in a full price coach store to get one.
  9. As far as I know from my SA at my coach store, you have to be signed up for promotions to get PCE. That's how she said I would get my card. I'm still waiting...and as most of you know I'm a shopping heavyweight.
  10. LOL @ "shopping heavyweight" -- I love that! After getting my perfume sample in the mail I deemed myself one as well.
  11. does the pce work only at boutiques or outlets too?
  12. boutiques only
  13. boutiques only. Wouldn't be great if it did work at the outlets also. We can only wish. But I am sure if they did that then they would remove the extra 20% or 30% off that they normally offer at the outlets for the days the PCE is good for. So it would work out the same anyways.
  14. They used to send out Outlet cards a few yrs back 9not during PCE, but a separate event card)...
  15. Hi ladies,
    Thank you so much for all the info. This helps a lot! I don't have to wonder anymore all this things! :smile:
    I hope we all get our cards on time! Spring feels so right for a new bag! :yes: