New Here-- I Found People Who Understand!

  1. Hi!

    I'm new to this forum--I've been reading for awhile--and am so glad to find that there are other people who really appreciate a good Coach bag!

    The people in this forum seem kind and supportive. I'm glad I found it!

  2. We are glad you are here. The more the merrier!
    The girls here are super nice and very supportive. From keyfobs to totes the girls will always be excited for you and your purchases.

    It's a great place to be a part of!
  3. Welcome to The Purse Forum! Everyone (or...mostly everyone, ;)) is nice here!
  4. aw, we're ALL nice.

    welcome to tpf!
  5. yes, we are all very nice. welcome to tPF.
  6. Welcome to tPF!! Can't wait to see your collection...
  7. Welcome!! You're really going to enjoy this forum.
  8. Welcome!!
  9. Hi Ladies,

    I've cleaned out my collection by selling a few bags on eBay but here is what I have:

    Ali Shoulder Tote in Whiskey
    Legacy wristlet in whiskey
    sig braided hobo in khaki/chocolate
    Holiday Patchwork tote 2006
    Holiday Patchwork wristlet

    I'm trying to decide if I should exchange the large hampton signature carryall in khaki/crimson for the new legacy leather slim flap in natural. What do you think?

    I may try to upload photos but may certainly confirm by that action that I have a bit of fixation where Coach is concerned!
  10. i too am fairly new but glad to find people who have the same addiction. my sweet boyfriend willingly buys me Coach (Sig Legacy Top Zip, Black Sig Flap Wallet (w/checkbook holder), and key fob, and my initial charm. But he does not understand the fixation! i find comfort in TPF! :drool:
  11. Welcome to tPF!
  12. Welcome! I'm new too :0)
  13. HELLO!:smile:AND WELCOME!:smile:

    Prepare to be influenced by our purchases! LOL!:yes:
  14. Welcome Tejasmama!! You are so going to :heart: being part of this thread. It has only been a month for me and I am addicted to Coach!! All the girls are great and very supportive!!
  15. Hi & welcome!