new here-hello

  1. hi all

    i usually post on the glass slipper, but have decided that i do need a 2.55 bag and i need it now!!

    so any tips as to where to buy, i am in ireland. i would love a vintage one, can you ever get authentic vintage 2.55 bags online?

  2. Hmm, I shop around a lot for Chanel bags and haven't yet seen an authentic vintage 2.55. The 2.55 was phased out quite some time ago after it was replaced by the "classic" flap with the CC closure. The 2.55 is the one with the rectangular closure that was recently re-released (now known as the 2.55 reissue). I imagine that if there was a vintage 2.55, it would be quite old.

    That said, you can try eBay and online consignent shops like these:
  3. hmmm ok so maybe i should go for a re-issue 2.55 then

    are those eBay shopes, 100%authentic do you know?
  4. thanks a million!

    there seem to be some good deals on ebay, too good i think!
  5. Welcom and best of luck in search of your bag :smile:
  6. There are some great deals on ebay, just make sure you post here, under the "Authenticate This Chanel" section within this board, with anything you are considering bidding on or buying on ebay to make sure it's authentic. There are quite a few fakes on ebay, unfortunately. :tdown:

    I'm also wondering if by 2.55 you mean ANY classic flap. I know some people, even within Chanel refer to any classic flap as the 2.55. You should check out the thread within the reference forum entitled "Pictures of your classic flap and reissues" and the sticky in the Chanel forum about the difference between the classic flap and reissue. There are hybrids and all sorts of different versions of the flap! Look at all the pics and find the one that speaks to you most and go for it! :yes:

    And welcome! :flowers:
  7. thanks for the welcomes!

    i suppose i am not too sure what i am after. i would love an original vintage 2.55 but suppose they are very hard to find. other then that, i would love one of the silver flap bags that were out a few seasons ago

    there is one chanel boutique here (ireland) but it doesn't have a very good selection