New here & have a question on Appleguard vs. Shining Monkey

  1. Hello everyone: I am new here and have a question on suede protector. I've read a lot of good things about both Appleguard & Shining Monkey. I just purchased a new Concentric Small Hobo in Camel. It's beautiful but I'm certain it'll need to be sprayed before using.

    Can anyone recommend one of these brands over the other? I appreciate your help!

    I only wish I'd known about these suede protectors a few years back. My signature studded top flap & my Poppy soft duffle could've benefited from them.

    Thank you,
  2. I have used Appleguard suede repellant/protector on a nubuc suede bag and a gold dusted suede bag. Every mfg. will instruct to do a test spot for colorfastness. Which IMHO it's hard to "spray" a test spot. But in each case the bags held up. It will look wet at first, has a light oily feel while wet, let it dry and spray again. Just don't saturate. I cannot tell you how well each one works. I haven't encountered water or rain to repell!

    Do a google search for Appleguard and Shining Monkey. I purchased Appleguard from They also have a nice leather care page. I also use their leather conditioner.

    I know another tpf'r used Shining Monkey.
  3. I used AppleGuard on my LV handles
  4. ^^Were the handles suede?
  5. I've used SM on my bags.
  6. Well, I decided on Shining Monkey. I just ordered it this morning. I'll try it out first on a suede camel colored coat I have. It's a beautiful coat but it's several years old. If it works, I'll use it on my new bag.

    I just can't get passed the idea of the Appleguard making the suede look wet & oily. Somehow, I don't think I'd have the patience to let it dry before totally panicking!!

    When I have more time, I'll post my collection -- although it's only about 5 things. I'm still proud of it because I love Coach. I only allow myself to purchase Coach when I've saved money either for my b'day, X-mas, or selling stuff on eBay. Hopefully, the addition won't get the better of me and make me start charging my Coach purchases!! :sneaky:

    Thanks again,
  7. Mary, I use Apple Garde on my suede and it works great. I use it on my gallery tote that has a suede bottom. It didn't make the suede look oily or wet at all. It looks like you've already ordered SM, but I just wanted to add this to the thread. :smile:
  8. I used Applegarde on my plum suede shoulder bag and it was fine. I also used a suede protectant from Nordstrom's on a suede fringe bag I own and that held up well too.
  9. It figures! I ordered the Shining Monkey this morning for $24 from There's a Burlington Coat Factory about 2 miles up the road from me. I could've gotten the Appleguard there. Oh well, hopefully the Shining Monkey will work.

  10. I apologize if I've caused any confusion. I should qualify my experience with Appleguard. It has an oily feel when wet. However, it dries and does not leave an oily look or feel to the fabric. Most repellents have some kind of polymer or petroleum based ingredient which prevents the absorption of liquids and in most cases does not affect the original appearance of the material.
  11. Do you all think I should go out & get the Appleguard? Or should I stick with my original thought of using Shining Monkey? As I said (I think) I was told by a Coach SA when I got my first bag that they do not recommend ANYTHING. But after a few seasons, my bag was in dire need of cleaning.

    A different SA at a different Coach boutique later told me that she uses Wilson's Leather Shop's spray. She said she had good results with that.

    But here, on this forum, I've read a lot of good stuff about Shining Monkey. I just don't want to ruin my brand new bag with something that's intended to keep it from ruin. Know what I mean?? Sorry, I am so anal about keeping my bags clean. I just stop using them when they're dirty.

    Thanks again!
  12. Shining Monkey should be fine, just follow the directions, do a test for colorfastness. Coach's suede is so delicate I finally sold all except one favorite. I think it needs to be UV protected too! But Coach does not recommend protectant. Kind of annoying since it's time and $ with these bags!
  13. Thanks, Entheos. I know the Coach suede is fragile -- I just wish it didn't bother me so much when it gets dirty. The new Concentric bag I got was from eBay and it only cost $117. The retail price was $308 so I really feel like I got a good deal. I don't think I would ever pay full price for such a light colored suede bag because I really don't think it'll stand up to the elements like the leather bags do. They seem to get better with time because they patina so well.

    Thanks, for your help. I will post again with the results when I get the Shining Monkey.
  14. Is this the Appleguard?

    I just ordered a suede Kooba (my first suede bag), and I'd like to treat it first. Is this my best bet? It's much cheaper than Shining Monkey, but I'll pay more if it's worth it. Thanks!
  15. Yes it is. This is for the suede.

    There is a seller on ebay (I don't know her I.D. now) but she's a mypoupette? member, has a leather care page, she shows before and after photos of using the Appleguard leather cleaner and condition on LV Vachetta leather. She swears by it. I also applied the leather conditioner to a Coach vachetta bag and it did not alter the color either, it just made it feel really soft and smooth. Needless to say I was pretty impressed by the product. That's my reason for recommending it. I have also used it on the vintage Legacy leather which Coach says not to use anything :p it doesn't change it and only makes it look better.