New here--First LV Purchase!

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  1. Hi,
    I'm new here. I've just purchased my very first LV bag after years of contemplating the I never could justify buying the bag before. The cost wasn't an issue but the 'guilt' was in my case. I couldn't justify spending that much for a bag. I use to spend no more than 200 dollars for a bag.
    Okay---I got over it and KNOW I'm worth
    Anyway, I started with the Speedy 30. I figured it was a basic and staple---a great one to start with. I purchased it from Great service and great bag. It arrived fast and I love it.

    I also just placed an order for the Coach Ergo Scarf Print bag. I just like it and think it will go with a lot of my spring wardrobe.

    I think that's it for bags right now. I will probably buy another for fall. That's my rule now. I'm going to purchase 2 bags a year only--max 3. One for Spring/Summer and one for Fall/Winter. Good thing my husband is also one who likes 'good things'. He has been telling me for years to just buy the

    Nice to 'meet you all'!
  2. Congratulations and have fun wearing your new bags. The Speedy is a classic and you will have it forever. I have not seen the new Coach bags yet but my sister was in the Coach store last week and said they had wonderful things.
  3. Welcome, and you are definitely worth it! :biggrin:
  4. Welcome! I hope you can stick to your 2 bags a year rule! This place is bad!!!!!
  5. Welcome :smile: enjoy those new purchases!
  6. COngrats on your first purchase and Welcome!! no modeling pictures?:graucho:
  7. welcome and congrats! a speedy is a great LV bag to start off with, and many more to come, i am sure!!!
  8. Thanks All! It's wonderful to have found this site:smile: . I will stick with my rule because I am truly an investor if anything. I will splurge once in a while but my true nature is to save and invest. I guess that is a good thing and it's also what has kept me away from the high end bags so long.

    Plus, I cleaned my closet when I made these purchases and gave away some of my other bags. That helped eliminate some

    I REALLY want the Nomade Speedy now but that will have to be purchased next year....If I'm going to stick with my own rule and to my own budget on bag cost...and when I buy that one it will certainly have to be my only purchase for the Yep, it's going to be

    Thanks again for the Welcomes!
  9. Welcome :flowers:
    Enjoy your Speedy!
  10. Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!! You made a great choice with the Speedy 30 . :heart: Good look on buying 2 bags/year after visiting this forum. ;)
  11. welcome. and remember rules are made to be broken.. well at least thats the trend around here..
  12. Welcome. Great choice with the speedy - that was my first purchase after joining tpf. Be warned though - I had one little LV that I'd had for 4 years and was quite happy with. Had no hankering whatsoever for anything expensive.
    I found this place and now I have a mono Speedy 30, am about to get a red epi petit noe and have a list as long as your arm for a shopping trip this spring!
    I really admire your restraint and wish you well - hope you can resist that tpf temptation!!
  13. Welcome and Congrats!!! Post PICS!!! Speedy is great starter :yahoo: bag!
  14. Thanks again! I'm going to post a pic of my bag. I've never posted a picture here before but I will try. Give me a few minutes...I may have to charge my DigiCam battery.....
    I will post sometime today!:smile:
  15. Congrats! I started with the Speedy 30 as well and quickly became addicted! be careful! lol