New here--did LV make a tangerine epi alma?

  1. I don't own any LV bags, as I'm not into monogram or logos; however, I adore the epi leather! I tried the alma on today in black & it was fantastic--just perfect for my height (I'm only 5') and it was my "style" exactly (classic, clean lines, etc.). I did some reading in the research area & was wondering if they ever made this style in the tangerine color (did 4 board searches & came up with nada). TIA for any help!

  2. Yes it was made in Mandarin.
  3. Close, mandarine, try the epi club.
  4. :yes:
  5. Yup...mandarin :smile:
  6. oops, sorry...I kept thinking "tangerine" for some reason, I'll try doing a board search with mandarin now to see if I can find any pics of it...thank you ladies!
  7. Good luck- mandarin is such a gorgeous color. I know LV Hawaii still has some mandarin Almas left.
  8. i think the epi in mandarin is fab. so sad that it's been discontinued.
  9. Mandarin is a gorgeous color! I wish LV hadn't discontinued it...
  10. oooo this thread gives me bad ideas about attempting to call LV Hawaii for an epi Alma LOL!!
  11. I have the epi noe in mandarine.
    Give a call to the 866 number and they will find you the Alma.

    Alma is fabulous too - I have it in the Damier Canvas.
    When I was shopping for it at Neiman Marcus, a lady came up to me and told me how much I would love it and she has it inblack epi and monogramcanvas.

    welcome and enjoy.
    let us know how it goes.
  12. You will love the Alma. I'm new to LV too. I just got the Alma in Damier Canvas. I love it.
  13. Well, thank you for the warm welcome! I just wish I could see the mandarin in person. Is it more of a warm-toned orange? The black epi alma was stunning. I read another thread about no one liking the optional strap, but I tried it & it worked fine for me (i need a strap, as I have 2 little boys).
  14. Hmmmm.... not sure if I would call it warm. I have the Alma x2, Petit Noe, Mandara PM, Bucket PM and a Pochette in Mandarine Epi!!! It is definitely not a garish orange. It's just a tad lighter, I think, than the Hermes Potiron. I called the LV 1-866 number a month ago, looking for more and all they had was the sac plat and a petit noe (which I got!) However on eluxury there is still the Mandara PM, Croissette and the Pont-Neuf I think. On eBay different ones come up now and then... there is a speedy there now that you could check out for the color again..... Sorry, I guess that did not answer your original question of whether its a warm orange!:p
  15. But the 1-866 number is just for the Continental US and there are lots places to buy LV in Hawaii!:yahoo: