new here! could you give me some advice?


May 23, 2008
Hello, I'm usually in the LV forums but just recently started wandering to the Balenciaga thread... I really want to purchase my first one but I don't know where Balenciaga is sold so I can't really try any on. I've been looking at all the pictures you ladies have been posting and am thinking about either the part time, twiggy, and city. I'm rather petite. I usually carry a speedy 25 or cabas piano. Also, Balenciaga has sooo many colors, how do you decide? do you go for a a really nice color like sapphire or pink or go for a basic like the black or prahline?? Any advice would be appreciated!!! :smile:


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Dec 16, 2005
Most Neimans carry balenciaga.

You can buy the bags online direct from Balenciaga (in the USA).

I agree on black City for your first bbag. If you like bags a little bigger I would check out the part time - giant hardware is nice too if you like a little flash.


Apr 18, 2006
Welcome to the Bal forum! If you want to try on Bal, Neiman Marcus in San Franciso sells them. Here is the list of reputable stores:

Most people start with Black City, but if you have a chance to check them IRL, you may choose differently. There are many gorgeous colors this season. If you see some non-black colors you like, grab it. You can always come back for the black since since Bal makes Black color every season.


Nov 21, 2006
I just bought my first bag in September and I got a City. I think it is the perfect size for everyday and if you have been carrying the bags you mentioned I think you will be happy with the size. I agree that starting with a neutral makes sense and I would recommend a darker color like black. I was actually going to go with the black but I fell in love with Evergreen (a nice neutral green from last fall) and I have used it everyday since. I purchased a make up in praline and I love that too as a clutch and to have a lighter color. Right now I am debating a second city because I love the planet that comes with when you order on or the First in granny which I almost purchased at Neiman Marcus last week. The granny is really beautiful in person and has stolen my heart!


Oct 29, 2008
Welcome! My advice is to get familiar with all the different styles, and then make a decision based on what suits you best. My first bag was a black City, but I soon realized that the style just isn't me. As far as color, I suggest buying what compliments your wardrobe, skin/hair, etc.


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Dec 21, 2008
I would recommend buying from a retail store, like NM, Nordies, or Barneys, because if you cannot try bags on IRL where you live, at least you can return to these stores if the bag doesn`t suit you. If you buy from a Bal store, you can only exchange or get store credit.
I think the Bal online store allows you to return ,tho.
I agree that a neutral is the way to go - do lots of research here to try and figure out what style suits you!


Jun 24, 2008
^^ ITA with pilatesworks! you must do your research cos you may find that you like some styles over others, or that some styles may suit your needs more than others. There is an amazing reference section on the forum which gives you a clue on what each style looks like, and in different colours & hardware combos. GL!