New Here..Coach Question

  1. I won this off of eBay

    The seller is new and she says it has been used 2 times and has no signs of wear and is pretty much brand new. She says that it does not come with the authenticity tags or the dust cover. This is the message she gave me regarding the bag:

    "The bag is 11" wide and it is 6.5" from the zipper to the bottom of the bag and 11.5" from the bottom of the bag to the top of the handle.I don't have the dust bag or the tags but the serial number on the inside of the bag proves the authenticity. The bag is in excellent condition with no signs of wear"

    Does this bag look authentic to you? Is there anyway to tell? Is it a good price for the bag? I bought myself the Large Carly as my very first Coach bag and I love them so I am looking for more. They are so addicting! Any advice would be much appreciated since I always get nervous buying off the internet.
  2. I believe it is real, but like helen said, please post any other questions about authenticity in the authenticate this coach thread

    welcome to tpf
  3. Hi & welcome!