New here.. can someone help me with a few questions??

  1. Hi, I'm Michelle in Seattle... I have 4 Coach handbags and 2 Coach wallets. :biggrin: 2 of my handbags are from Coach Outlet stores, I don't see this 'target type' symbol I have read about on here on either of them. Where is it exactly? On the little Coach tag that hangs from the strap? If so, I don't see it on there? :confused1:

    Also, I have a pink Coach handbag that my fiance purchased for me in Summer of 2005. The suede along the bottom is SO dirty. How can I clean it? I have tried a few dry cleaners in my area and they tell me they can't dry clean handbags. I have also tried a suede brush (the Coach store SA gave me that suggestion), but it makes it look worse?? I also wrote to and they told me to use a suede brush, however that doesn't work either. Can anyone help?? It's my favorite handbag.:sad:

    Lastly, I have one of the new pebble leather handbags (from Coach outlet) in that pretty blue color.. how can I keep it looking new? Can I spray it with a leather protecting spray or something?

    Sorry if you're thinking :wtf: ! LOL. I've recently started my Coach collection and want to take care of my handbags, but I'm pretty clueless! Thanks!!!!
  2. the target spots are actually 'hand made' or done, when the bags arrive at the outlet. so sometimes they can be careless and forget, otherwise it would be on the leather patch (creed) in the back of the bag inside.

    suede is a delicate leather, definitely not for everyday and as a SA i would tell you that when you're purchasing suede.

    same with the pebble leather, i've seen that blue and while pebble leather is not as delicate you can't use the cleaner or moisturizer on it, only cold water and mild soap is recommended.

    i hope that's helpful, anything else just ask! we're all friendly here :smile:
  3. Thats good to know. I almost purchased a pebbled yellow leather last year but was worried about it getting soiled. Thanks for the info!
  4. I've noticed that some bags from the outlet no longer have a target but have FO on the creed preceding the model number.
  5. Welcome to the PF!!! It's fun... but dangerous around here...:graucho:

    Odds are you'll find a good helping of items that are "perfect additions" to your collection after being around a bit...

    The FAQs area is GREAT!! :yes: Has alot of useful info, fun to look through and just see what you can find...
  6. ones made specifically for the outlet will have a different creed.
  7. Thank you so much everyone! :smile:
    I will look at the FAQ's and try using a nail file on my pink handbag this weekend!
    This looks like a great forum, I'm so glad I found it!
    Thanks again, you guys are very sweet. ~M
    P.S. The smilies on this forum are so cute, the best I've seen! :p