New here...but not to COACH!

  1. Just wanted to stop in!
    I found this site and have been lurking for a couple days and just registered. I came accross it for help with an eBay issue I was having...someone not paying :cursing: and it has been very helpful to read.

    I do love reading about everyones purchases! So exciting.

    I plan to show my face around here often!
  2. Welcome to tPF! Hope you get your little problem resolved. If you need advice just ask! P.S.:tpfrox:
  3. WELCOME!!!! I really hope you get your problem resolved... its so rude when people buy and then don't pay!
  4. welcome!!
  5. Welcome to the forum!
  6. welcome!
  7. Consider yourself warned...your collection will grow at a remarkable pace now that you've joined tPF!!! AND WELCOME!!!!!!
  8. Welcome!
  9. I agree!!!

  10. i joined a couple days after christmas. i'm now officially a coach addict! i love it here & i'm sure you will too!
  11. Welcome. Hang onto your wallet!! Actually you'll probably end up with several new ones to hang onto. hee hee
  12. LOL
    That's cute!
    I do need a new wallet now that I think of it!!:woohoo: