New here! Any deals on Fiorentini Baker boots or recs black boots like...

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  1. I am new here, looks like a great forum! I was wondering if any of your have found any great deals on Fiorentini & Baker boots? There are a couple pairs I have my eye on their website but didn't see them anywhere on ebay or in any US stores....I love the look of the boots shown on the Planet Blue website, shown with the YFB tops and the LK tops, looking for a boot that would go with something like that...

    Any ideas? I have been looking forever for a great pair of tall black boots and found nothing but other colors or boots that don't quite go...
  2. Any one? I know you all have the best recs...someone?

    I meant to write I have found no great boots this season in black, only in other colors or style that don't work with what I have. I do like the boots posted on the Megan Fox thread but it seems no one can ID them.
  3. Hi, which boots from F+B were you thinking of? If it's the eternity in black that I am also yearning for, they are selling at Barney's and of course on the brands website. If the price is too high and you don't mind getting black boots similar to those, try checking the "Rona" boots of Pour la Victoire. I am out to get those myself! good luck with your search!
  4. Bluefly has that brand but not sure about which style your looking for. Bluefly has 10% off today. Welcome to the Purse Forum by the way, you'll love it here. :yes:
  5. Thank you all so much! The boots I was looking at were the buckle ones w/ heels, think it is the eternity...I didn't find any price better than 650, wish I could try them on in NYC and see how they fit! I'm going to check out all your recs, thank you so much :smile:
  6. I bought a pair of F + B boots last month from I used the coupon stylewatch for 20%. Free ship and no sales tax. I have no idea if the coupon is still valid, though.
  7., I think that's the website, sells this brand. anyone know if their boots run tts?
  8. please search our Glass Slipper for sizing & alternative brand questions :yes:
  9. You can get them at as well. They are in San Francisco so I've bought in their retail store but they sell online as well.
  10. Hey all, F+B fan and Ped Shoes devotee here (the BEST online customer service--seriously). Here's the deal with fit--many of the F+B styles run slightly large--Eternity especially--but not all do. The best thing is to call or e-mail for measurements, so you can figure it out and not be disappointed. By the way, I was trolling around Ped's site yesterday and discovered this F+B Eternity-like sandal for summer. Want. So. Much. [​IMG]
  11. No the coupon is not valid:sad: but they give you a 10% coupon for signing up with your email!