New here and would like some advice.

  1. I've been reading your forum compulsively for the last two days and I thought I would emerge from the shadows and introduce myself. I've been a bag-aholic for a few years (mostly Coach) and have recently become obsessed with Kooba. I actually found your forum when I was bidding on my first Kooba (a Natalia) on eBay the other day (which I think I will promptly resell once it arrives). Since I have been reading the last few days, I am thinking of making a more planned Kooba purchase of either a Jessie (raisin or bourbon), Maria (black) or Bonnie (black). Which of these do the experts think will be a good first Kooba for me?
  2. Hello and welcome to the Kooba madness! :p Honestly, I can't really guide you to a bag, I think you'll have to make the decision, but personally I love Jessie and a raisin Jessie would be fabulous!

    However, in the short time since I've been assimilated into the Kooba Life, I can also tell you that no doubt within a few months, you'll own them ALL! I swear, these bags are like Ruffles Chips, one just ain't gonna cut it! :yes:
  3. I already feel the madness inside me. I am telling myself that the Jessie and Maria would be great everyday bags and the Bonnie is just so cute for work!
  4. I think the Jessie or the Maria would make a great first bag. They are sturdy good looking bags. The Bonnie is too small in my opinion but cute as a button. Here is my Jessie. You can find alot of good deals on Jessies right now on eBay and fortunately the Jessie has never been faked that I know of.
    And welcome! We'll have to hooked in no time.




  5. welcome! :smile:
  6. Hi gilmourgirl, great to have you here! I would go with a black Maria, think that would be a great first Kooba:yahoo: The Bonnie is tiny and not really a day bag (depends how much you carry, I suppose..) Good luck! (and like Grace pointed out, you're heading for trouble, girl, LOL)