New here and wanted some input on the Palermo GM

  1. Hi all!

    My name is Adrianna and I am getting my first LV. A Palermo GM. Getting an LV is basically a right of passage in my family. My grandmother had several bags and the luggage as do my aunts and Mom. I am pretty excited about it. I waited to ask hubby for one because I felt I need to be able to appreciate it. He is getting me one just in time for Valentines day which is our 11th anniversary (we have been married for 10 years!). I was wondering if anyone had a Palermo GM and what you think of it. Any input would be helpful.

    Thanks all!

  2. Congrats on getting your first LV! Welcome to TPF as well!! I don't have the Palermo as I'm a speedy gal. I really like it in the PM though. I think the GM might be a little too large for me.
  3. Thanks for the welcome! I thought about getting the PM but I actually carry so much stuff that I would have regretted not getting the GM. :lol:
  4. i would almost die to get the palermo gm! it's gorgeous! :biggrin:
  5. I love it too. I am way excited to get it. We have a friend who works for LV so he "helped" us out. ;)
  6. i've seen it IRL on this other girl.. she's probably 5'1 or 5'2.. and it's actually not THAT big (well not as big as how everybody describes it as) and it actually looks pretty good. it can hold tons too.. so if you need to tote a lot with you then get it!
  7. Welcome to tpF! The Palermo is a great looking bag, sounds like a good choice for your first!
  8. I have the GM. I love it and I wish I had more use for it. I have back problems so I am getting rid of all my shoulder bags, including the Palermo. For size reference. I am 5'3. It really is a great great bag.
  9. It's really great bag for Palermo GM.

    I got a Palermo PM, I love the size of PM but too bad I can't carry it across my body as the strap isn't long enough!

    If you're planning on carrying your Palermo across your body, I'd say GM would be the best size!
  10. Welcome to tPF and Happy Anniversary! :flowers: I think the Palermo GM is a fabulous bag! :tup:
  11. Thanks for the input ladies! I should be getting it some time this week!:yahoo:
  12. If you click on the clubhouse forum, there is a group that has the Palermo and has pictures, if that helps.
    Welcome and enjoy your new regret is they did not make this in an NM
  13. The Palermo GM is a gorgeous bag. Great choise!
  14. Hi , I have the palermo GM , I find it too big for an evryday bag . I just use it when I travel .
  15. Congrats and welcome to tpf!