New Here and Need Some Help;o)

  1. Hey! I thought I'd do alittle intro ;)

    I'm Deana(Dena) mommy to two kids Christian is 4yrs and Zoe is almost 2yrs. I chose my screen name because tha'ts my little online biz name and alot of my online friends call me that ;)

    I'm totally drooling over the Pirata print, but I'm trying to decide which bag to get. Zoe is almost completely potty learned, but we still need plenty of room for sippy cups and a change of clothes for her for those lovely ooops!:p

    I haven't see many body shoots with people holding or wearing thier bags to compare sizes. I was thinking about getting the Scoula for hands free appeal, but the Zucca looks nice, too. Anyone want to help me make my mind up?:confused1: :shrugs:
  2. I'm not sure the Zucca would be big enough.... it's big but might not be the best shape for what you want to carry. Have you considered a Buon Viaggio or Campeggio?
  3. yup i agree with DreamsOfToki...i would say a campeggio can surely fit your needs :biggrin:
  4. What about the scoula backpack? My last purse would convert into a backpack and I loved that feature!
  5. I have 3 scuolas. It's probably the style that I use the most. I have a nuvola too that I :heart: that I use when I don't need to carry as much. I had a zucca but I never used it so I sold it.:shrugs: I like to be hands free!
  6. I have a Buon Viaggio and having had two kids, I could vouch that it would be a good toddler tote! It has the two mesh pockets for sippy cups or snacks.
    The backpack is equally nice.. I'm sure that would work out as well!
    The BV has great print value though!!
  7. I have a scuola. Whatever it can't fit in height it can fit in width b/c it opens wide. I can put my sweater and a few books in it. But my 15 inch laptop sticks out of the top a little...
  8. I think scuola or buon viaggio suit you best
  9. I don't think the zucca will be big enough for your needs. It sounds to me like you might want a Buon Viaggio or a Campeggio...those should work out better for you. :graucho:
  10. Yay! I just ordered the back pack in the Pirata print on the pulse! :yahoo: I also got the 20% off! :nuts:

    Is it sad that I'm already looking at the other prints and styles for my next purchase?!:p
  11. Not seems to be the norm if you read this forum. I've got a toddler & an 8 yr old and the only big bag I have so far is the ciao ciao. I really like it but I pretty much carry it separate from my diaper bag. These bags have a lot of great hands free options in bags! (which is why I want more more more of them!)
  12. Annie, did you ever make up your mind on what style to get amore in? Were you able to change your order w/pulse?
  13. I carry my tiny Vera Bradley or my Tiny Coach in my old diaper bag. hmmmmm........Now I need a new tiny bag to go in my backpack!:upsidedown:
  14. I say maybe you should get a campeggio? Its super large and a messenger so you can carry tons of stuff! For a durable smaller size, you can pick the boun viaggo! It even has mesh pockets for baby bottles and stuff!
  15. Yep! That's what happens! I bought the caramella which at first I thought was way big for cosmetics and too big for my little toki bags I bought...then decided I liked it and it needed to go into some bigger toki bags (which I'm still deciding what to get! A campeggio for sure....maybe 2 of them)