NEW here! And need HELP on my FIRST purchase Chanel Purse

Feb 19, 2009
Hello Everyone,

:yahoo:I'm new and very excited to be here. I've finally decided that I am going to purchase my very first Chanel purse. So while I was doing my late night indulgence of researching all that I can learn about Chanel bags, I came along this forum.....where have you been all my life????
I've always wanted a Chanel purse but never really able to pull myself to purchasing one. Until ever since I started to only work, work and work to building my career and studying most of my life so far, that I occationally use shopping as a thearpy and motivation to work harder! Horrible excuse, but it works, I'm happy and that's what matters (but never in dedt).

:PSo I'm all about quality, not quantity. I usually sacrafice on buying a lot of items, and instead make one or two large purchases on good quality and investment pieces. Then wait a while till I save some more money towards my shopping budget.

Anways back to CHANEL.....:nuts:

I've always wanted a Black Caviar classic flap purse. But my question is, what size should I get????:shrugs:

:rolleyes:A little about my life style:
  • I love big leather bags, and I mostly use big bags.
  • I'm a K'teacher and hoping to become a therapist in helping children with disability, but I'd feel uncomfortable carrying a Chanel purse to work (don't ask why), plus I'd feel really not at ease putting my lunch inside such a luxury and elegant bag.
  • I'm usually on the go from places to places, weather it's work, voulunteering, tutoring, or night school
:smile:Things I usually carry with me when I go out are:
  • my long LV wallet
  • old model Blackberry
  • lipgloss
  • coin+key pouch
:shrugs:So my question to all of you experts are:
  • what size should I purchase based on some of my needs and life style I've mentioned?
  • basing on investment, comfort, quality, and etc
  • what are the different size available in this particular style that I want? I was a little confused on the 225,226....or the 2.55....
  • what are the prices (in Canadian dollar)
Also reading some of the forums, I notice Chanel have been having a lot of prices increases over the past 2 years. Is this going to happen again to the purse I'm interested in? If so when?:wtf:
If so I need to make a fast purchase soon!!!!!!

Im excited, and can't wait to hear some of your suggestions!!!
Thank you so much for all your help.