New here and need help choosing a bag

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  1. Hi,

    I just discovered this site last night and I am already addicted!!! I will give you a little background. I only have one LV, it is the large Musette. My husband bought it for me about 4 years ago. I picked it out and love it but sometimes I hate the flap. I am now looking to buy a second bag(and after seeing everyone's collections would like to add more). I have a two year old so I tend to throw things like a diaper, a small package of wipes, etc in my bag and I am trying to choose the right one. I really love the Cabas Piano because I love a bag that I can throw on my shoulder. The only problem is that I started looking around here on the site and saw a bunch of speedys and now I am starting to think they are really cute. My only reservation about the Piano is the bottom of it and it getting stained. My reservation about the speedy is that I am typically a shoulder bag type of person. Also, if I bought a speedy I am wondering what size, 25 or 30. I am 6' tall so I feel the 25 might be too small. One of the enticing aspects of the speedy is that it is cheaper. I have a friend that lives in Hawaii and after reading a thread last night about it being cheaper in Hawaii I checked it out. The Piano is almost $70 cheaper there. I just don't know what to do. I would love any suggestions and advice. I am excited to be here and hope to keep adding to my collection and enjoying viewing everyone's purchases.
  2. I am also a mommy...but mine are older!
    I HIGHLY recommend the Batignolles Horizontal...Go to to look at it...Its perfect for your needs!Good Luck!
    ( ps-I cant wear a speedy...too awkward to carry with kids...)
  3. Not sure if you like Damier, but a relatively well priced bag considering its size is the Saleya. With the MM and GM size you can carry it under your shoulder and it holds plenty. Also, Damier is lower maintenance and you don't have to worry about the vachetta bottom of a piano (for example) or black handles on a speedy. Just my 2 cents.
  4. WELCOME! Speedy wise I would definetely go with the 30. I have it and love it. The batignolles line is wonderful too. And if you really want to get addicted try the Balenciaga City. Super great bags!
  5. I really truly LOVE the monogram canvas, never really been interested in the others(well until I found this site!). I did check out the Batignolles, horizontal and vertical and still prefer the style of the Cabas. I don't really think I will be happy with the speedy but think it is such a cute bag. I will probably end up getting the Cabas, either Piano or Mezzo. I like getting others opinions to help out, thanks girls.
  6. Welcome to the Purse Forum!!!:biggrin:

    I TOTALLY agree! I have a 5yr old and twins 21 mo old boys and have the Batignolles Horizontal and it's PERFECTION!:love:
    I HAVE to have my hands free so I can't carry a handbag, I have to carry a shoulder bag, so Speedys and Papillons are out for me. I agree w/ you about the Cabas, the leather on the bottom would stress me out!
  7. I had a similar thread regarding Speedy vs. Cabas Piano vs. Mezzo. I ended up getting the Mezzo b/c I thought about my near future of possily having my first child. Piano is too small to fit in all the diapers and wipes. Speedy is bigger than Piano but you can only hold by hand. So one of your hands won't be free at all times, which means you sacrifice comfort when holding your child or trying to do some crazy shopping (like looking through the racks, holding the items up and trying them on...LOL) I got the Mezzo and couldn't get the thought of Piano off my mind so ended up getting that as well. But if you had to pick one, DEF Mezzo. The Piano wouldn't even fit a flat portofolio folder.

    I have my eyes also on the Batignolles b/c I saw a mom of 3 kids hold one and since it's opened up the top portion, I could see the diapers and the wipes hanging out and she did fit quite a lot in there. I want this bag as well~~easier to maintain on the bottom since it doesn't have the vanchetta. I do like the look of the Cabas line better though and the fact that it zips up.
  8. Well I can say that I have all of the bags mentioned: Speedy 30, Cabas Piano and Batignolles Horizontal...and BY FAR the BH is incredible. I think if I would have bought that first I never would have bought another LV as I would have found the bag that does it all. I have a four year old and the speedy is not practical at all..although I love that bag I tend to use that for nights out with my husband or when I am alone. My piano is beautiful but I have to be so careful with the bottom. I cant lay it down and everything can and will get it dirty.

    The Batignolles Horizontal is so comfortable. You will not regret it. Its a bargain to at $775.

    Good luck!

  9. The Batignolles and Speedys are great.
  10. I highly recommend it too, I have one and I have a 18 months old. I use mine as a diaper bag. It's perfect size.!
  11. i agree with Jill that batignolles horizontal will free up your hand! it's such a great shape too. :love:
  12. i think either the batignolles horizontal or cabas mezzo are what would work best for you.

    the cabas mezzo is a good size, & esp. since with your height you can carry a bigger bag...the only drawback is the vachetta piece on the bottom (like the piano).

    good luck!!
  13. If you wanted to choose between the speedy 25 and 30, I'd say go with the 30 - it holds more. As for the cabas, I'd say the mezzo.
  14. I would definitely go with a shoulder bag, as the mommies of the board have pointed out, it does help to have hands free. I would suggest either the cabas mezzo or the batignolles horizontal.
  15. I think the Cabas Mezzo would be the best choice for you. It will free up your hands.