New here and looking for a stylish diaper bag

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Jen and I'm from Woodbury, Minnesota. I am looking for a nice diaper bag. I'm considering a Kate Spade or My Flat in London. I've also looked at OiOi. Anyone have other suggestions?

    Also, what is the quality like for the My Flat in London brand? I would like to spend under $250 as I've got a new Quinny Buzz stroller from the Netherlands on the way so hubby doesn't want me braking the bank for a new diaper bag.

    Thanks for your input!

    Jen :biggrin:
  2. I have 3 Kate spade Diaper bags! They are great!!!!Except they don't zip up:sad: They hold everything you need, I don't like to many compartments, I am a Ziplock freak! I put everything in their seperate bag and dump them all in the kate spade diaper bag. I carry baby's toys in the other 2.One baby blue, 2 black......I can post pics later if you need.
  3. coach.jpg What about this one?
  4. I have a Kate Spade and it has been great!!! I also love my Petunia Pickle Bottom!!! I recommend both. I use a Gucci shopper as well, if I am going somewhere and I don't want the bag to look like a diaper bag, just throw in some diapers, bottle, and go.
  5. I have a ton of Kate Spade diaper bags I use as schoolbags hehe. Quality is excellent, especially the canvas ones. I also like the Burberry ones :biggrin:
  6. Great idea! Really any tote would work as long as there were interior and/or exterior pockets. Its the pockets that are very handy for baby stuff!