New here and looking for a new bag

  1. What a fun forum! I am in the market for a new "everyday" type black bag. I like this from Coach, but open to all ideas. I like classic, but current styles.[​IMG]but I'm sure you ladies have some great suggestions. I'd like to keep the price tag under $500. Thanks in advance for opinions.
  2. First of all, welcome! Now to the important stuff--purses!!!! I'm not good at posting pics (I see you can do that very well--I'm jealous), but have you ever looked at Cole Haan bags? They use top leather and the styles are varied; nearly all the prices are below $400, the highest I recall is $575. Go to

    Also, Marc by Marc Jacobs has some nice bags in the $400 range--some of the lines have very soft leather. Right now my everyday bag is a M by MJ totally turnlock bowler. They might be sold out, but Zappo's and other stores have some other styles.

    Good luck and have fun researching the right bag for you!
  3. Love the suggestions so far! Keep them coming. I have a feeling this board is going to be a new addiction.
  4. Welcome! I looked at that first Coach bag tonight at the Coach store! It is GORGEOUS! I think it would be an excellent choice. It's a little sharper and more classic lined than the Legacy bags. There is also a nice black Hogan shoulder bag on eBay in your price range, but it does not have the structure of the Coach. Let us know what you pick!
  5. WoW, that's almost 3 times more than she was asking about, but SO goregeous! :wtf: