New here and in love....

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  1. with all of your bags!!! At first I wasn't to sure about them but they seem to grow on you and get under your skin and you just have to have one. It is sick really as I have even been having dreams about them.:nuts: I am saving every penny so I can buy a bag from the spring line.

    So I would like all of your opinions on a bag for me. I am trying to decide on a style first. I am usually a small purse kind of girl. Honestly, the bag I carry now is smaller than the first size. But with that being said I really like the whole squishy look to the city. Plus I am afraid that I wouldn't be able to get the handles of the first on my shoulder. Do you think that someone who is used to small purses would be able to get used to carrying a bigger bag?
  2. Welcome! :flowers:

    It's SO hard to decide on a style for your first bag. I always knew the First was too small for me but they're so cute. Unless you are REALLY tiny, don't plan on wearing the handles over your shoulder... even wearing it by the strap is too snug for my taste (I'm really finicky about that though... it drives me nuts having a tight fit). I'd recommend a City. It's really not that big. After carrying mine for a while I've even graduated to the next size up. Do you have anywhere to try them on? Good luck with your decision!!
  3. Hi Meemie,
    I just bought my first bag recently. I have never really had big bags and looking at the dimensions I thought I'd probably want a First, but when I saw the First and the City in person I realized right away that I wanted a City. With that being said, there are a lot of people who have Firsts. Hopefully you'll have the chance to see the sizes in person before you buy. Good Luck!!
  4. I'm new to BBags as well and I have a city and twiggy. I LOVE my twiggy..I just love the shape better and depending on your arm size it does fit on your shoulder.
  5. Welcome!! You will go broke here! I have 3 now - 2 work and 1 city! I'm almost 5'10", and with all the schtuff I carry, the work is perfect! I use the city back for going out - dinner, the movies, etc. Good luck with your decision!!
  6. Thanks girls!!! There are no stores near me so I will have to wait to see one in person. I am going to Boston in Dec to visit my friend am I am going to see if I can find a store somewhere there to look at them in person first. Not sure if I will be able to walk out with out one. LOL
  7. Meemie, Barney's in Boston sells them along with another store.. Gretta Luxe or Louis Boston, I forget which. You'll definitely be able to play with them then... if you can wait!
  8. Thanks!!!! I will soo be dragging her to at least one of those stores. She is going to think I am nuts when she see's the price of them. But the good news is my hubby most likely not even notice I have a new purse let alone ask about what it costs.

    I am going to try and be good and wait!! Especially since I would have to pay tax if I bought a bag right then and there. Plus color is going to be a whole huge issue with me.
  9. Welcome to the forum :smile:
  10. Be warned....this place is addictive. I picked up my first bbag the other day and put my name on the waiting list for another.
  11. hi! welcome to this forum :P
    i had both first and city and they can both be used in shoulder.
    but i think if you already got some small bags, why don't you go for the city for a change. you'll love both style anyway :P
    good luck!
  12. Welcome to this forum!!! :P I would pick FIRST since you get use to using small bags. City will be too big for you. What's the point of carrying a big bag if you don't have much stuff to put in there? It's a pain to dig thru a larger bag to look for your stuff. ;) The first can look squishy too. :smile: It's better if you try it out in the store though. I was planning to get a twiggy at first, but after seeing it in the store....I was shocked at how big it is on my shoulder & I end up getting something else. Good luck & let us know which one you have picked!
  13. Welcome:flowers:
    I chose the First for my first Bal bag purchase, it's amazing how much you can comfortably fit in there.....
    Have you thought about a colour yet?
  14. Welcome! :yes: Be prepared to go down the road of no return.. LOL

    If you're contemplating a first Bal purchase.. I'd suggest you visit a local NM or Barneys and model the sizes there. Originally I wanted a first, but after I realized how incredibly small it is in person, I opted for the city instead.

    I have a myriad of bags that range from incredibly big (some dwarf my 5'1" frame) to incredibly small (can only fit my cell, keys, cash and cards) so I think it all depends on what you will be using the bag for. Don't worry about getting used to it - just carry it more often! :P
  15. Welcome!

    I agree with Pyrexia, I thought I would be set on the Work but then went to play in store and decided that it didn't look as great as I hoped.