New here and I need advice on classics

  1. Ladies,
    I've been trying to expand my Chanel collection bit by bit, which includes a PST and a light pink kelly style bag. I'm really into classics in color and they go quickly. I also want a black classic and have scoured eBay...but to no avail. The pros on the authentication forum have been a great help, and have saved me money and heartache.

    Sooo, after searching with various sa's, here's what I found:
    Black medium classic in caviar
    Red east-west in lamb
    Darker [not bubblegum] pink medium classic in lamb
    Dark coral medium classic in caviar.

    I should only get one, but I think I can swing two. I have kids, and perhaps I'd carry the black for day, although not in winter. Our winters are brutal.

    I'd love your opinions. Thanks to everyone. This forum is a true find.
  2. I would get (in this order):
    Black caviar medium
    Red e/w lamb

    Let us know what you decide!
  3. Black caviar in the winter would be fine. Although I much prefer the look and feel of lambskin (sooo smooth, etc.), it is easier to deal with caviar from what others have said -- no worries about it getting rained or snow flakes dropping on it. Even if it were black lamb, I'd say go for it. It's goes from dressy to casual; it goes with just about everything. The second choice is a toss up between the red lamb and the coral caviar. I have the e/w in coral lamb. She's gorgeous but I'm afraid to get it dirty. Black lamb is a lot easier to not fret about. You can toss some hide conditioner, etc. and no worry about stain marks. Red lamb, ah luscious, elegant -- are you a red person? Would you use it a lot?
  4. I do love red...and it looks great with brown and black. The coral is a medium flap, and the sa said that it's darker than coral....less 'pastley' [if that's a word]. The coral is caviar, so it would be ok. If I get a black bag to wear alot, it would have to be caviar.
    I did find pink classics, but only bubblegum lamb. Very risky for me.
  5. Hi! :smile: I'm actually a huge lover of colored classic flaps, and have some of the colors you are debating over. :p I saw your post in my '05 red E/W thread, and I was wondering though if your SA found you the Fall '06 red flap in lambskin... I've actually seen that recently, and the '05 is long gone, so that may be the one your SA located and not the '05 red. As far as the coral goes, I think it's a stunning color... I have the color in the medium/large size in caviar, and here is a pic :smile::

    I'm assuming that is the one your SA managed to track down... I think it looks gorgeous with browns, creams, tans, metallics, greens, yellows, etc. and would be great in both the fall and the summer. I think lambskin is beautiful, but I only have two bags in it, because I'm far too anal to carry such a delicate leather. :sweatdrop:

    If I were you, I would definitely get the black medium classic in caviar leather, because you can use that for dinners, out and about (but you can't carry tons in it if you normally do), etc., and don't have to fuss over it as much because it isn't so delicate. As for the second bag, are you referring to this pink but in lamb? I'm not sure if you are, because the one I have is also an '05 hot pink, and not available in stores now (I also have a lighter pink in a Medallion, so it may be that shade) :smile:...

    If it is this color in lamb, that would be just beautiful... but if I were you, I'd probably go with the following two bags:

    1. Black medium classic caviar flap
    2. Coral medium classic caviar flap, or the red E/W in lamb (the latter would be my first choice if it's the '05, but I'm assuming it must be the darker Fall '06). A red bag would be really pretty if you wear lots of black (and it looks great with white in the summer!), and the coral would be pretty if you wear more brown/tan than black, because it's a warmer color IMO best complemented by browns over blacks... but either way, you cannot go wrong! Let us know what you decide!! :smile:
  6. I say black caviar and dark coral caviar, you would have your day and evening bag :smile:
  7. ^^agreed..great color choices IMO.
  8. I agree. I think the black is an absolute classic where you cannot go wrong, and the dark coral is a real beauty IRL.

  9. I am with BagLuver on this one....Good luck on your decision.:tup:
  10. are wonderful. That coral bag is so stunning. I do wear more black, but I'm wondering if the coral will be discontinued before the red? Thanks to all of you. Such great ladies!
    I'll make my decision today, but I know that one of them will be the black medium caviar.
  11. more thing. You asked if the red e/w was the 06 red in lamb and I think that it is. The pink one that I am referring to is caviar as well, and according to the sa, it is darker than the lamb. I don't think I'd ever go with a light lamb. One spot and I'd be off a bridge. The coral is getting better and better, the pink mediallan is for sale on eBay for an 'ok' price from an authentic seller. So I can always go for that for summer.

    You're liking coral with tan/brown and not black?
  12. 1.Black medium caviar
    2.Dark coral medium caviar
  13. I agree with katsluxury too!

  14. Hi. :smile: Ohhh, okay, for some reason that was what I was thinking... that it must be the '06 lamb. Hmmm... I would choose the coral caviar flap if I were you (in addition to the black caviar flap)... it will make a gorgeous summery bag (but you can still use it in the fall)! I think the coral may be harder to find than the red '06 lamb, but either way, they are both discontinued and two gorgeous bags!

    I know exactly what you mean about light lambskin... I'm actually scared to buy lambskin in general haha, nevermind light lambskin (I have a matte gold flap, and treat it like a child)! I do like the red '06 lamb E/W a lot, but even though it isn't a light color, lambskin could wear a lot easier in the long run than caviar. :sad: Ohhh... is the pink of the flap you are referring to the same as the medallion tote pink? I just got the pink Medallion tote and love it... it's so pretty and summery! :smile:

    It's not that I don't like coral with black, but I just like it better with brown, "earthier" colors, etc.... and when I wear black at night, etc., I usually carry a different bag (reissue, something metallic, black flap), whatever. :smile: You can totally wear it with black and look gorgeous though, so no worries! :smile: IMO, it's a stunning, versatile color! Let us know what you officially decide when you get back from the store... and happy Chanel shopping!!! :wlae:

  15. Black medium classic in caviar, followed by Dark coral medium classic in caviar