new here and i have a question!


Dec 26, 2006
hi ladies, im new to tPF, but am quite impressed with the wealth of information here! this is awesome, and i think im addicted. ever since i saw the olsen twins with the seafoam first, i fell in love with the color. i have a feeling its impossible to find one of those, but is there any chance that i could ever get my hands on one? id appreciate any responses :smile:


bag greed bug
Jun 4, 2006
hi betsybabe! welcome to this forum :yes:

i always suggest a first timer to visit this blog, it's a blog from our lovely PF member LP :
you'll find LOADS of information on b bags !

seafoam is from the '04 season and it's very rare to get, it's impossible to get them in store in new condition. but you can still found them on ebay.
just make sure you do your research before you bid though!
and also check on the achtung balenciaga thread we have on the balenciaga sub-forum for info on authentic balenciaga auction on ebay!

good luck!


Mar 2, 2006
I was at the Balenciaga boutique in NYC while on vacation there last week (took me forever to find it), and they had one seafoam city available. It wasn't on display though, I had to ask for the SA to bring out all the colors they had available (my first Bbag purchase, so I wanted to be sure :shame:smile:. I contemplated between seafoam and pale pink (sorry, I don't know what the actual color is called; I'm still a Bbag newbie). The SA did mention "seafoam", so I know for sure that's the color. Perhaps you can call the boutique and see if you can get that mailed to you??