New here and a huge MJ fan searching for Butter Blake / large Denim Multipocket

  1. Hi there!! I just discovered this forum and you guys are awesome! If anyone come across a Butter Blake or large Denim Multipocket on sale, can you please please please let me know. :smile: Craving for these 2 bags real bad. TIA!
  2. Thanks...but the site keeps bringing me back to the Nordies page with the spring clothing collection. I called Nordies in Paramus NJ (closest to me) and they didn't know what the "butter" color was. And I asked about denim and the SA was like "Wha...?" Ugh :sad:
  3. that page is correct. Just scroll down to the bottom and you will see the bag. Nordstrom has them listed in a different section.

    eta: I should've said you have to call the MJ Boston store for the denim multis
  4. Oh thanks so much for your help. I totally missed that. Will try after I get some work done. :smile: You rock!
  5. Seems to be sold out everywhere :sad: Sucks...
  6. I love Nordstrom, but the Handbag SAs are pretty clueless. I just enlighten them each time I go.:biggrin:
  7. Seems like they're gone, i guess it's not meant to be *sniff* :sad: Yeah I saw the eluxury one too, but can't really pay that much right now. Sale price would be awesome.
  8. There is an awesom SA at Neiman's in Garden State Mall. He is awesome and he is an MJ specialist.
  9. Saw Denim Multipocket (don't remember if it's large or small) at Bloomingdale's Fashion Island during lunch hour yesterday, this color is on sale (30% off). Their number is 949.729.6729.

    Butter/Putty/Orange/Denim are discounted colors at Nordstrom as well (40% off). You can call their 800 number & ask a Customer Representative to locate a Butter Blake (by doing an inventory search or store lookup) for you. If it's no longer available at Nordies, keep checking elux (likely to go on sale soon).

    Good luck. =)
  10. Thanks for all your help you guys, I contacted Nordstrom's online CS and apparently the butter blake is all out. And I called a few other B&M stores to check their stock nationwide, can't seem to find it all. Sounds like i'll have to keep stalking eluxury.

    And allow me to share my MJ obsession...not much but i still love 'em to death. ;)
    Berry Stella and Lobster bowler.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Haven't broken out the lobster bowler yet!! :roflmfao:
  11. Wow! You have the berry stella. That bag is super rare! I am jealous.
  12. Hi zoinksta - welcome to the PF! :flowers:

    your bags are so pretty - very bright and fun! I :heart: your red bowler especially!!! :love: Take 'er out for a spin soon!!!
  13. Thanks! She was my first ever MJ, i had to convince DH so hard to let me get her lol. Unfortunately i had to pay full price because back then MJ bags never went on sale! And after i got the berry, the bags started to have suede lining. Can't believe it's already been 2 years i had her, still clean as new! :love:

    redney: Yeah, i should! Now that the weather is getting warmer, she'll "pop" in the summer sun :yes: