New here, advice please can't decide which bag to buy.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have been lurking around for a week on so now trying to decide which bag I should choose to buy for myself ( I have never bought myself a bag before, and I have only one designer bag, that being a Fendi Spy , a present).
    There are three bags that I have narrowed my choice down too (although I am always open to suggestions:smile: )
    I love the Kooba Paige

    I love all Balenciaga bags (first, city , work)

    Finally I found on Net a Porter a Luella leather satchel with charms in the sale half price.
    I need help deciding, I would love to hear from you all, your advice opnions et cetera.

    Hope to hear from you soon
  2. Are you looking more for an everyday bag? Or something you can also bring to work/going out/ etc?
  3. All those sound lovely..... have you looked at the Chanels?
  4. Hi Kitty,
    If the bag could work both for everyday use plus work that would be great.
    As for the Chanels, no I have not dared look at them, should I?
  5. Hi Maria, great choices but are you sick of the sight of Gerard Darel bags? :smile: I think his bags look gorgeous.
  6. I say either a Balenciaga since you really love them. Or check out Chanel and see if you find anything here.
  7. Please Try Something Different.. There Are So Many Fake Balenciaga, Chanel Etc.. Be Different.. Try A Kale.. They Are Great.. And Featured In This MONTHS Lucky Mag.
  8. I am currently looking for the perfect bag too! I keep buying and never seem to find the ONE bag to use for everything. However, I recommend you take a look at the Chanel medallion tote (a few members have recently acquired it), since it can be an everyday bag, work bag, and going out bag. Also, the Chanel cerf tote is nice (larger than medallion, more plain but good work tote), I'm considering both right now, hehe. The LV Batignolles Horizontal is also a good work and everyday bag, and is less expensive than the Chanels (depends on how much you want to spend). Happy shopping!
  9. Is there a web-site I am able to see/buy an authenic Chanel bag/s from?
    I certainly would not buy from Ebay, especially after reading the post on this forum, thank you all.
    If I buy a Kooba I would buy it fromthem directly (can't find them here in France). The LuellaI would buy via Net a Porter, my problem is the Balenciaga bags, it is rather ironic but I have not found a web-site here in France of which I am able to buy a "real" one. I did find a web-site someone suggested in the UK (Cricket UK) but thats all. I don't have much time to go to the city (nearest is Marseille) to shop with work and the children so ideally I would like to buy over the net.
    I shall have a look at the Chanel bags suggested now, as for LV I am not sure if his bags are really me.
    Thanks again everyone
  10. If you're up for a Balenciaga... lots of times pf members post pretty good auctions up here...

    You don't seem like an LV person from the bags you've posted that you're interested in... JMO
  11. There are plenty of people around the PF who will help you find an authentic Balenciaga if you choose to get one. Someone mentioned a LV Batignolles Horizontal and I agree, it is an awesome bag.
  12. No there are no authentic Chanel online dealers. You have to go through the store. My recommendation is flipping through the Chanel Forum. You can find a lot of different bags in there.