New Heloise Patent Satchel in Anthracite

  1. Well, I got some decent Christmas money this year and decided to use it to buy a new bag. The bag was 50% off!!!! And with the money, I only had to pay for half!!!!!:yahoo:

    I use this bag practically everyday. I really wanted it in the patent green, but decided the grey was more elegant and goes with almost everything.

    I love this bag!!! There is a lot of space, lots of pockets, and just a great bag!!!!
    P1010893.JPG P1010896.JPG P1010898.JPG P1010903.JPG
  2. Well done you! 50% off is an absolute bargain :okay:

    Your teddies seem to approve as well LOL - I'd watch out or them; teddies are notorious for borrowing your things when you're not looking.
  3. wow, love this bag! If you don't me asking, where did you find it for 50% off?! I really love it! :smile: Perfect patent bag!
  4. OMG, This bag is GORGOUES.....Where from at 50% off?
  5. Very nice!!
  6. I love this bag! Congratulations. In fact, I was just looking at it today at Luisaviaroma's shop in Florence and it was sooo glamorous. They had it on sale - but only at 30% off - not 50. So you did really really well!!
  7. I bought the bag in Stuttgart, one of my favorite stores. It is where I bought my other two Chloe's!!!!
  8. Gorgeous bag, I :heart: it. What a great color that will go with everything. Wish I could find one at 50% off, what a great bargain!
  9. Congrats on a fabulous bag!!!!!
  10. Congrats, great deal on a great bag -- it's beautiful!!
  11. Lovely bag and great bargain! Did they have a lot of other things at 50 % off? I'm located in Munich, maybe it would be worth a call?
  12. great bag, congrats!
  13. Hey Brigitte,
    I bought the bag on 31 Dec at Breuninger. They had quite a few Chloe bags on sale. They may still have some bags and/or the's worth a shot. (That is how I got my paddy in blue...when Breuninger has a Chloe sale, it's not too bad)

    Not to be totally misleading, the bag was 40% off...but I don't have to pay German taxes (MwSt), so that knocked off another 114 Euro...making the total purchase at 50% off.
  14. wow you got 50% off!! that's so great!! congrats on your bag
    my husband got me the same bag for Christmas in the guess he didn't find such a great deal.:shame:
  15. Thank you, maybe I will try and call them! Enjoy your lovely bag!