*New Heloise design - what do we think ?*

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  1. Sigh - I've given up deciding on Chloes when they're first released - if my track record is anything to go by, I'm indifferent about this bag now, but I'll be lusting after one in a couple of months or so!
  2. umm not sure would have to see it in the flesh really get a better look :shrugs:
  3. I think...I don´t really like it...:nogood:. Only love the price... :roflmfao::yes:.
  4. Ummm...I can't think of a nicer way to put this...I HATE IT :tdown::hysteric:

    No offense to those of you that like it :hugs:. Different strokes for different folks -- or "horses for courses" as Tag would say :smile:
  5. [​IMG][​IMG]
    I don't really like it -- one of the things I love about the Heloise is its angular look. That was even one of the things I've debated about between the Prune & Gazelle -- the Gazelle has sharper angles than the Prune, I think because the leather is so much softer (on the Gazelle). This bag looses that completely and therefore, changes the entire look of the bag. It also looks like this bag has only one main interior compartment, whereas the "traditional" Heloise has three divided sections. I also don't like the wider placement of the handles. It probably makes it next to impossible to carry this bag on your shoulder.

    That said -- I think that maybe if this version has been the FIRST Heloise released, we might all be saying something totally different. It still has those gorgeous braided handles and soft leather. However, I do agree that when carried straight down at the side, it looks a little like a fancy briefcase.

  6. Oh, by the way, iluvmybags, how did you decide in the end, did you get the gazelle or the prune Heloise?
  7. hmmmm.....unsure :shrugs:First impression isn't great though. I prefer the original by far :love:
  8. Too boxy for me, but it might look better IRL. Have seen the new Paddy with a boxy opening and I'm also unsure about that. They seem to be churning out new styles a bit too fast at the moment, don't they?
  9. I saw a picture of that. The paddy didnt seem to have zippers but instead some fastening buttons on top.
  10. Yes, I've seen it on diabro and it's called the Paddington 'snap' bag. See what you all think.