*New Heloise design - what do we think ?*

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  1. Just saw this new Heloise design on www.net-a-porter.com .Check it out:


    What do you think of it girls ? Not sure I like the very angular lines personally:tdown:.I think it looks a bit strange :blink: and nowhere near as nice as the regular large design:nogood:. Perhaps it looks more attractive IRL :shrugs:. Has anyone seen it in the flesh ?

    I wonder if this new shape means that the old style will be discontinued soon :thinking:? If so, we'd better snap up what's left in the stores asap :graucho:( now form an orderly queue and don't all stampede at once :lol:).
  2. I like this purse! Don't know how it will look on moi but I actually like it.

    I highly doubt that the Heli design you bought will be discontinued soon??? But then again who knows?
  3. Hmmmm. its cute, but kinda thin looking. I think it must be seen IRL!
  4. Am not sure.....agree with Mona, have to be seen irl.
  5. It seems kind of 80's ish to me, not in a good way... I'm having the same problem with the Ada(?), the one with the mesh on the sides.
  6. I like it, looks very chic, not as bulky as our current Heloise. Looks like neutrals are making a big splash.
  7. Looks as if it's starting to take on the shape of the bay! I like the first version better - but then I am always slow to come around to change. I fall in love with things once they are completely discontinued!
  8. ITA. They just got me back with the Heloise and now they go and ruin it. It is fugly in my opinion. The square angles just don't work with the Heloise silhouette. Looks like a glorified attache case. I think this will look dated fast.
  9. I'm with Susie! I like it. I was dreading looking at it and all prepared to slam it and then it was like "oh" - not so BAD!
  10. I don't know..... Not quite sure about it. I would definitely need to see it irl!
    Although no matter what it looks like in person it's definitely not as stunning as the original Heloise!
  11. I like the original Heloise much better, I don't like the sharp angles... but then I am like daisyrockrosie, I am always surprised at what bags are finally getting me...
  12. The original all the way for me don't like the new one at all
  13. Interesting to hear your thoughts girls. IMO Lionlaw hit the nail on the head with her 'glorified attache case' description :lol:, but as always it's horses for courses, so some :tdown: and some :tup:. If anyone sees this bag IRL, do report back :yes:.
  14. I saw it yesterday(on nap not in rl) and I dont like the angle where it shows how flat the bag is. Of course if one fills the bag up will be less flat. I am not sure about the shape on the top though either. I also doubt they are discountinuing the medium Heloise but we can pretend they are so we can go on shoppingspree:nuts::lol:
  15. Dont really like it... but i am not a heli girl, in any case...
    why is MOTHER CHLOE so keen on spin-offs of already beautiful bags?