New Heart Cles on Elux!!!

  1. omg... gone in 5 seconds
  2. :shrugs: :shrugs: Out of stock??????
  3. omg i was about to buy one until it said "out of stock" sheesh!
  4. That was fast.
  5. Wow! :wtf:
  6. did someone watch elux for 24 hours? I had never caught those new items...:shrugs:
  7. wow..gone fast
  8. That sucks!
  9. Omg, they're GONE already?! :wtf::crybaby:
  10. the MC heart is gone, but the others are back in stock. for now.
  11. I have a perle in my shopping cart. That's not one of the colors I was deciding on.... should I get it?!
  12. i think the pf members made it go out of stock lol
  13. yes yes perle if my fav:nuts:
  14. ^ hahaa! ok i shall proceed to checkout then, but darn, I really wanted that red or framboise!