New Header!!

  1. Vlad, I LOVE the new tPF header! Looks just like Christmas. :tender:
  2. Yes, I agree! Love the new tPF winter outfit!
  3. Totaly cute!
  4. Yeap, a little something different for the winter months! Glad you like it, it now matches our blog.
  5. i love the purple colors. great job!!
  6. I love it! Thank you!!
  7. what happened to the tabs?? I used those.
  8. They're still there.... aren't they? Which tabs specifically?
  9. the tabs that went to the blog, and to the search page, etc. They were above the shopping links on the same line as the masthead/logo.
  10. I agree, I love it!!!
  11. The tabs weren't that much in use and I didn't particularly like 'em, so I removed them.

    If you would like to reach the blog, you can do so here. Just bookmark it. :idea:

    The search button just went down south into the navigation bar, as did the logout link.
  12. I love it too. Very pretty!