New Headbands!!!!

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  1. Hey girls,
    I was just in the store yesterday and they have new headbands!! Theyre not the traditional ones...they have a quilted look to them with the check...They look great though! Just thought I would give a heads up since I know so many people have been on the hunt for headbands :yes:
  2. Thanks for posting! I know a couple of ladies were on the hunt...
  3. Awesome, do you know how much they were? I was totally looking for a burberry headband and I'm excited that they have a new outlet that is opening in atlanta!
  4. oh, sounds cute. anyone got pics?
  5. i'd love to see pics too!
  6. Can't wait to go to the barberry store and outlet in Orlando. Thanks for posting
  7. Thanks for the info? Anyone know where I could find pics?
  8. I want too
  9. Thanks,
    I wanted one for a graduation gift.
  10. Awww pics please...sniff...
    I bet they are beautiful!
  11. Sorry no pics girls! But, I will be going to the store on Thursday...maybe ill try to snap a pic for you all :yes:
  12. did you get a chance to take a pic?
  13. i saw that one in the scottsdale store, it looked really thick. there's no way i could pull it off, my hair's way too flat... i think this one is for the ladies w/ more texture.