new Hayden Harnett online tracking feature

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  1. Hi gals-

    I know there's been some frustration over the fact that when you purchase from HH, you have to ask for a tracking number...

    Well that seems to have changed! I noticed that when I just tried to track my package on the HH site at this link:

    ...after you enter your order number, the UPS tracking number is provided automatically!

    it's the little things that make me happy apparently :yahoo:
  2. Good to know...what did you order?
  3. Come on, J, give it up - come to mama, tell us all about it... :smile:
  4. heehee... my gig is up i see :smile:

    i got this trench with the 30% off F&F code, and a Celina Cuff in Soft Gold.

    i got my Gaza Satchel in Bittersweet last week which i *love* and have hidden away in a trunk to take out as a back-to-school present to myself in September :idea:

    i think i'm going to sell my Nico in Currant on ebay because it's not seeing any action with my Suki and yellow Nico in the mix... but then i bring out the Currant Nico and cannot stop molesting it and wonder why i would part with something so supernaturally soft (it blows every other HH leather i've groped out of the water, which is kind of insane, as you know).

    how about you guys? J - did you win the Cobalt Inka??
  5. No, I did NOT win - left it too late; it hadn't had any action at all and then WHAM. OH well. I can't seem to put my saddle Inka up, so - it's not like I'm going to run out of them any time soon!

    I asked Salina at HH today if she had anything to share about Hayden-Harnett's Fall stuff and she hasn't responded yet ...

    You are such a planner - and I love your new purchases - and thanks for sharing the Give link - there's a small leather pouch I might have to snap up -
  6. OOH - GOOD IDEA to see if Salina has any info. on fall!

    no new pics on their myspace page, but i feel like they must be close to unveiling fall stuff with all the blowout sales (mother's day, f&f, daily candy etc) they've had for the past couple months.
  7. I hope they have more in Amethyst or Plum..anything in purples...:heart:
  8. I'm hoping they have more selections in that wonderful smoke blue they did so well on the triple-strap -