NEW Hat!g

  1. Here's a photo of my new cap I purchased in Boston this weekend. Also, my daughter and I finally modeling our Gucci's together that I bought in Italy this May :nuts:

  2. was too large... I'll have to post after I get home and can compress it :shame:
  3. Finally have a photo of my new hat and also my daughter and I modeling our first Gucci's :smile:
    Jen and Pam w guccis.jpg
  4. Love the photo! Gucci suits you both! By the way if I could half children half as beautiful as yours in the future...
  5. Congrats! You both look great with your Guccis!
  6. Cute pic! Love the hat and bags...
  7. Congrats. You and your daughter look great
  8. You're both gorgeous in Gucci! Congrats.
  9. Very nice! Congrats!
  10. congrats! you both look wonderful :smile:
  11. Thank you for all the wonderful compliments. I'm loving the Gucci and I'm certain I'll be adding more in the near future.
  12. you both look so pretty!!
  13. Both of you look gorgeous with Gucci bags and of course your new hat. Congrats!
  14. aww very lovely!!
  15. You look so cute together!!!!! 2 gucci girls!!!