New hang tag or just temporary?

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  1. So i was in Macys to return something and I browsed the coach section of course :graucho: I notice the new hangtag with the stagecoach on it. I know I should of taken a pic. So is this a new thing or is it just for a certain line? I saw it on the new bags.
  2. I have only seen the Stage Coach hang tag on the Maggies - at least My Cobalt Patent Maggie has one along with the Metal and Patent hang tag.

    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. what does it look like?
  4. It seems to me that coach tags are different for each line.
  5. I think Madison is pretty big on the stagecoach hang tags right now.
  6. the inlaid peyton has one
  7. My 2007 Soho has one, and my patent Maggies had them. I like them, and glad they are back!