New handbags make me happy

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  1. Despite having my tax payments around the corner, I couldn't pass up these three beauties:
    1) Chanel Reissue 2.55 JUMBO in gray
    2) Marc by Marc Jacobs chalk stripe satchel
    3) B FENDI medium blue patent satchel
    Chanel Reissue Jumbo 2.jpg MJ stripe 2.jpg B Fendi blue 2.jpg
  2. wow! can i get a better pic of the jumbo on you? that's my fave of the three.
  3. Beautiful bags! I really love the color of the Fendi! Congrats!
  4. Love the grey reissue!! Congratulations on your new bag purchases!
  5. WOW you can shop girl!!

  6. greendrv, we're getting a tax REFUND but no way in hell am i going to be allowed a new bag :evil: :cry:

    congrats on your 3 new lovelies :love: :love: :love: you ROCK that chanel!!!
  7. Girl!!Awesome!! Love the Chanel and the B Fendi!!!
    Congrats!! enjoy your new bags!!
  8. Love the Fendi- great color!
  9. fayden, I will post better pics of the jumbo for you! I'm afraid I'm not much of a photographer and it's only exacerbated by the fact that my camera is super sensitive to camera shake. I guess I'll ask my doorman to take a pic since DF isn't supposed to know.
  10. Looking good - great diverse choices.

    That blue Fendi is fun!!:nuts:
  11. OOOHH! drool!!! How do you like the fendi b???Always wanted one but never seen up close!!???
  12. I love your bags. Enjoy!!!
  13. Wow! georgeous. Now thats a shopping spree!
  14. Jill,

    I :love: the B FENDI. I didn't even consider buying it in blue until I saw the pic on eluxury back in January. My only complaint is that the medium is a little smaller than I thought it would be (and I've heard that the large is too large). But I love the pleats and I love the chain handles.
    In fact, I love it so much that I'm taking it out today. I normally am way too lazy to use a handbag that I received right away (is it just me or is it too much of a pain to gather all the crap together), but this beauty is begging to be taken out.
  15. That marc by marc jacobs bag is really cute..where did you get it?