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  1. Hey girls!
    I just saw this new site on the news in LA. It's called Bag, Borrow or Steal, and they showed all these hot (and expensive!) bags that you can borrow for a monthly fee. I'm temped to try it, but was wondering if anyone had used them. I also saw them on Good Morning America and Montel Williams.

    LMK if you've tried them before.

  2. if you use the search function you'll see a thread where we discussed this site. it's been around a while but only a handful of people on the forum has used it because the monthly fee seems a bit much when you an save and buy a bag instead! :idea:
  3. Especially, the "hot/it" bags are more difficult to borrow (there is a list) not to mention the price to borrow :amazed: !
  4. I wouldn't do this, the prices are steep for bags you won't own. I'd also be worried about the condition/smell they'd have being used by so many people :lol:
  5. It's a waste of money actually. Seems like a good concept til you realize that if you just save your $, you could have the same bag and won't have to worry about giving it back! To get an "IT" bag you would have to belong to the "Diva-Couture" membership and then $150/mth fee on top of that! Sooo, you're looking at approx $250/mth just to have the bag for a month. If you do the math, you could seriously own that same bag for a lot less. There is a "steal" option where you can choose to buy the bag from them but it's certainly not a good deal overall. Just save your $ and get a bag that won't go out of style. That's just my .02.;)
  6. ^^^^^^ Wholeheartedly agree. I would think this would only work if you did it once. More than that, the cost would outweight the benefits.
  7. sniff, sniff . . .
    I smell Spam
  8. I agree with you Noriko - the thought of it being passed from one hand to the other isnt too inviting. Yikes. I wouldnt. Not worth it.
  9. Ditto. :Push: I must rather have a brand new bag to call it my own.
  10. ^^^^Ditto. You don't know where the bag has been.