new handbag line

  1. Yesterday, I was down at the Ivy (it is a great restaurant in LA), I saw a woman with a terrific handbag on. I asked her whose it was and she told me it was Lockheart. I hadn't heard of the brand and asked her about it. She said it was headed up by Jennifer Tash and Trang Huynh, they were the original designers of Isabella Fiore. I told her that I used to love their bags, but they got a little bit too much for me - glitzy, etc. but, I did love and adore my whipflash from last season.

    She said the Lockheart bags were absolutely amazing, the best stuff she has seen for a long time. Gorgeous, fine leathers, cool styling. She said she doesn't have any pics, as they are so new. Her bag was incredible though, I want one. She told me that here is going to be a party tonight at the mart in Downtown LA at the New Mart, room 403, between 4 &7... she said it is an open house cocktail party, and she showed me her invite. Because I am a party crasher anyhow, and I have to admit I am a big handbag whore, I am going to see what all the talk is about.
  2. Cool! Be sure to give us all the details! Maybe even some pics if you can! I love this recon mission!
  3. Make sure you bring your camera!
  4. oooooh i want pics!
  5. ^^ DItto!
  6. Hi all~

    I forgot to mention that I saw these bags on Saturday at the Brea Mall Nordstrom! They are very Isabella Fiore like....they looked pretty and appeared to be well made.

    Just thought I would share...not sure if any other Nordie's have them! :yes:

    This link to is all the pics I could find to share.

    BlueBee - Blue Bee Shoe Salon > By Designer > Lockheart

  7. I love them.. very similar to Isabella but better:smile:
    Great find thanks!
  8. I've seen them too. Cute, but heavy!
  9. I shop the Brea Mall all the time, I will check it out sometime this week. Very Isabella - Like! I like them alot.
  10. Nice bags! I had to LOL at the name "Braidy Bunch" :smile:
  11. thanks for the link
  12. Very cute! But maybe still a little too busy for me...