New Handbag line at NM: Gryson

  1. I LOVE these bags. I think they're fabulous and classic. I'm definetly getting/pre-ordering one for the fall.
  2. I got this e-mail from NM today . . I hadn't opened it yet.
    The bags look nice, but not my style. I want to look more though at them, they look practical.
  3. Hi SwankyMamaof3,

    Joy Gryson used to be the designer for Marc Jacobs...there's another thread about these bags. Milton saw them IRL and said they're more amazing in person. There's a lot of buzz about them with the SAs...apparently they're going quickly! (I ordered a big Rachel one for the Fall from Shoptwigs.)
  4. I received the email from NM too. I love the white/chocolate combination. It is beautiful! Not so practical for Fall though.
  5. I really like these too!! I agree that the white/ chocolate combination is an eye-catcher. Absolutely beautiful!!
  6. I love a white bag for fall and winter. I already have a white Jimmy Choo and a cream Birkin, and I'm getting the white Skye, it's amazing!