New handbag: do you tear into the box or take your time with the experience?

  1. UPS just dropped off the HH Lorca I ordered from Plaza Too the end of last week (talk about fast turn around- wahoo Plaza Too!). At any rate, I received it at work so that it wouldn't be sitting on my front stoop. Now I'm sitting here staring at the box. Do I rip it open right here? Do I sneak off to my car to open it? Do I wait until I get home? Usually, I can't stand to wait (and tear into the box right there in my office), but I think today I'll try to be patient and wait until this evening. Maybe it sounds weird, but I totally want to savor the experience, in the privacy of my own home.
    So- what do you do? "Rip 'er open" or "slow and careful with a hint of fanfare?"
  2. Definitely rip 'er open! I have opened boxes in my car right after picking them up from the post office, and have been known to start peeling away the packing tape as the UPS man leaves my door...I have no patience...:shame:
  3. I hear ya bagatella. I am drawing on all my "willpower resources" to not do the same right now.
  4. I take my time, I put my puppy in another room, so he will not pee on any bag, and open it while taking pics of the process!
  6. RIP! I don't know how some girls leave their bags in the box for MONTHS on here!!! I just don't understand it.
  7. Lily- I LOVE the note about your puppy, too funny! My little pup (okay, so she's 3 years old now) always wants to investigate my packages. She must think that for sure, just this one time, there is something in there for her!
  8. Let it rip!!
  9. Let 'er rip!!!! By the time the package arrives I'm so anxious I can't stand another minute!
  10. the box doesn't stand a chance :yes:
  11. I would have torn into the box and run around the office with my purse already. You have much better restraint than me.

    I say, open the box! :yes:
  12. I would probably spend my lunch break in my car with my new purse. I have no patience at all when it comes to expensive bags. :shame:
  13. I tear right in! I can hardly stand waiting for a new bag so when it comes in I got nuts! I can barely contain myself. :roflmfao:
  14. i could be the single most impatient person when it comes to gifts

  15. My resolve is all are convincing me. I'm staring longingly across my office at the pretty (okay, boring brown) box, screaming to me of all the lovely leather goodness inside :smile: